July – August 2011 Prayer Letter


We have much to praise the Lord about lately as well as a few prayer requests to share. We are in the middle of winter here and trying to keep warm!  The end of this month we will be finishing the first semester of the Bible college and beginning the next semester a few week later. The Lord gave us over 20 students this semester and we are expecting an even greater 2nd semester. We praise the Lord for those studying and preparing their lives to serve our Savior.


We just recently came back from our annual Marriage Retreat with the churches.  There were 29 couples that attended and the Lord worked in their lives.  Pastor Austin Gardner from Alpharetta, GA, came down to teach the retreat.  The Lord blessed in many ways and one man, whose wife has been praying for him for some time, received the Lord as his Saviour. While on the Marriage Retreat, one couple who had recently been saved wanted to get baptized in the ocean, so they were baptized… in 35 degree weather!  The Sunday following the retreat we had a Vow Renewal service and around 15 couples renewed their marriage vows. Amen for the marriages that were strengthened!


The Berean Baptist Church continues to go forward. Pastor Hernan is doing a great job, winning souls and discipling!  They are currently building a new building as the one they have now is just a small house with 2 rooms and is always full during the services.  They had been buying, building and sacrificing to finish. As usual, the devil is looking to discourage and just recently, the church was broken into and most of their building supplies (tin for the roof, wood, etc) was stolen.  Pray that the Lord will replace these materials and protect the church from further theft.


We had mentioned starting a new church, the Hope Baptist Church, in the last prayer letter.  Praise the Lord we have found land and made the first of many payments.  We ask that you would pray about helping us with the initial payments on the land and building.  We need $12,000 as soon as possible so we can get this church going.  One of the Bible college students who graduated in 2010 will be starting this new church with a handful of faithful church members who live in this area of the city.  If you would like to help with this need you can send your donation to Macedonia World Baptist Missions and mark it Jeff Bush – Hope Baptist Church Fund.


This September we will be taking our furlough. It has been almost 4 years since our last furlough and time has flown, but our main reason for going back is to get a doctor’s advice on my Rheumatoid Arthritis.  It was not our original plans to travel, but we have been strongly advised that it is time to get more medical help and then return with more knowledge of my health problem.  We will be visiting many of our churches and will need to visit some new churches as well. If you would like to have us in, we would enjoy hearing from you – please give me a call at 770-456-5667 or you may email me at bush@reachingall.com. Thank you for your prayers and kindness!


Here to Serve,


Jeff and Mindy Bush and family


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