September 2011

As of August 31st, my family and I will be arriving and traveling to churches in the United States. As we shared in our last prayer letter, we have many goals while being on furlough:
1. Visiting and informing our churches of what the Lord has done in our lives and in the ministry of Argentina (we can be reached at 765-960-7793)

2. Get my health under control – my first doctor’s appointment is Sept 12th

3. Pray the Lord would allow us to encourage many more to give their lives to the cause of the evangelization of the world

4. Raise funds for the property of the newest church (Hope Baptist Church). Our goal is $37,000.

Our last few weeks here in Argentina have been very encouraging. Here are a few highlights of what the Lord has done in the month of August:
1. We have seen many saved and baptized, among those baptized was our daughter, Adriana. Many others are growing spiritually and becoming faithful.

2. The Lord allowed us to have part in organizing the Berean Baptist Church as an autonomous, local Baptist Church. Pastor Hernan is being greatly used of the Lord and we are thrilled to see what God is doing. The church men worked hard to get the new church building up, which is twice as big as where they were meeting. It was exciting to see that this church building was constructed by the men of the church and they also sacrifiiced not only their time but also money to purchase most of the materials for the building. During this special service we heard many wonderful testimonies and goals from the church and it’s pastor on their desires to go forward for the Lord. They had a great turnout and their new building was full with around 75 adults and 32 children. The service was a great encouragement to our hearts!

3. The Bible College is going well and we are thankful for those who studying and preparing their lives for the Lord’s service. In December, 4 students will graduate and I will return to have part in the graduation.

4. The jail ministry has started once again. After a period of time not visiting the jails, the Lord has placed it on the heart of one of the Bible college students to enter in the jails once again. Along with a group of Bible college students, one of the young men that works as a security guard in the jail, has received permission preach to prisoners in some of the jails in Buenos Aires.

We thank you for your prayers and look forward to possibly seeing you on our furlough.

Here to Serve,

Jeff and Mindy Bush and family

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