Very good Book

I just recently read a small book called “Intimacy with the Almighty” by Charles Swindoll. It was a very, very good book on our walk with the Lord. I wanted to share a couple of thoughts from the book that are without a doubt true… but not so easy to fulfill. Although there were many great ideas, the 4 disciplines it shared, really caught my attention – check out these 4 disciplines we need in our life to have an intimate walk with the Almighty:

1. Simplicity – in a fast-paced, crazy, high-tech world, sometimes we need to unplug and return to simplicity.

2. Silence – the Lord talks about “being still”. Seems there is no silence with all we are busy doing, but this was very challenging to me and I know I need – just to get alone and talk with God and let Him talk to me.

3. Solitude – being alone with my Savior so He can talk and deal with me.

4. Surrender – a quote I loved in the book was this: “Surrender is the key that unlocks the vault of God’s best and deepest treasures”

May we as Christians return to the One who saved us and walk intimately with Him every day.

Here to Serve,
Jeff Bush

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