Book Review – Making Vision Stick

I recently read through the book “Making Vision Stick” by Andy Stanley. In his book he mentioned Five things you can do to significantly increase the adhesiveness of your vision – thought they were pretty good and here goes a short review of them.

1. State the vision Simply
“If it’s a mist in the pulpit, it’s a fog in the pew.” Howard Hendricks

2. Cast the vision Convincingly
Communicate it in a way that moves people to action

3. Repeat the vision Regularly
Casting a convincing vision once is not enough to make it stick. Twice isn’t either. Vision needs to be repeated regularly.

4. Celebrate the vision Systematically
To make vision stick, a leader needs to pause long enough to celebrate the wins along the way.
What’s celebrated is repeated.

5. Embrace the vision Personally
If you say you believe in something, live it out. And live it in a way that the people around you can see it.
Sharp people will not embrace a vision that is merely a marketing scheme for someone’s personal agenda.

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