Get Rid of It

Deuteronomy 20

1. Get rid of Fear (vs.1-9). 

There’s no reason to fear, God is with you (vs.1). Don’t faint, don’t fear, don’t tremble and don’t be terrified (vs.3). God goes with you (vs.4). 

If there is anyone that is fearful and fainthearted amongst you, make him return before he makes others fearful and fainthearted (vs.8). 

Fear is contagious, get rid of it. Those that are discouraging and fearful will make others fearful and discouraged.


2. Get rid of Sin (vs.10-18).

They were totally to remove all sand so it does not tempt them, distract them or destroy them.

We would be wise to take the same advice. If you do not get rid of sin, sin will get rid of you. Destroy sin or sin will destroy you. It may be an old habit, but it will certainly creep back up and destroy you if you do not get rid of it. Don’t flirt with sin, get as far away as possible from it.



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