Misc. Do’s & Don’ts

Deuteronomy 22–25


Moses gives many do’s and don’ts throughout these chapters. Much of it was law that they were to obey. As Christians, we are under grace not the law nevertheless there are some good principles that are interesting to think about:

    1      God said to help others (22:4). If you see someone in need, don’t ignore them but help them.

    2      Remember that you were bondman that God redeemed, so treat others right (24:18-22). Especially the stranger, fatherless and widows.

    3      Don’t muzzle the ox (25:4) – this is later used in the New Testament to speak about taking care of the man of God (1 Corinthians 9:9; 1 Timothy 5:18). 

    4      Build up your brother’s name  (25:5-10). If a man dies and has no children then his brother is supposed to take his wife and raise up for his brother, calling the firstborn child after his brother. If he does not want to do it, he is to be taken before the elders of the city and reprimanded, the lady spitting on him and the people of the city present as they say this man “will not build up his brother’s house” (25:9). As Christians we are to build our brothers name. We are to prefer one another (Romans 12:10). We are to esteem one another (Phillipians 2:3-4). We are to serve one another (Galatians 5:13). 


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