The Three Signs of a Miserable Job



by Patrick Lencioni
– People spend 8 hours every weekday at work and many people hate their job… what a miserable way to live! – Eliminating dissatisfactory at work is accomplished by finding the right job. – The key to a happy job is finding something that you like to do that pays the bills. – Being miserable affects your spouse, your children, your friends and your life. It leads to substance abuse, depression and violence at home. – If you enjoy your job, it will make your time working much more pleasurable. – A job is bound to be miserable unless you have some way to measure it. If a football player plays without knowing what the score is, he gets frustrated. The same goes for a job, it only leads to frustration and being miserable if you do not know how it is going. The best teachers want a test to see how the kids are doing.. and so we must have some measure how we are doing at our job. – Everyone needs to know that what they’re doing is making a difference in someone else’s life. – Sports players, managers, CEOs, actors and everyone else will be miserable at their job if they do not feel like they are making a difference in someone else’s life. – A miserable job really depends on the person – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. – But still, there are miserable jobs; what is it that make you go home feeling zapped, that you don’t like, that sucks the energy out of you, that makes you go home frustrated or cynical? – But being miserable doesn’t have everything to do with the job. There are sports players that are answerable doing what they do. There are billionaires who own businesses yet hate what they do. There are three signs that make a job miserable: 1. Anonymity – people need to know that what they do is important, it makes a difference.                         The Three Signs of a Miserable Job         Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush 1
2. Irrelevance – is what you do help someone else? You have to make the connection of what you do helping others. 3. Immeasurability – people must be able to measure how their job is going. Everyone wants to feel like they’re doing a good job, but if they are not getting feedback that they become frustrated. Even though we know this, most managers do not give good feedback to their employees.
– People that work there jobs having more fulfillment will do their job more effectively. They will arrive earlier, stay later work harder because their job brings fulfillment. – A manager should take genuine interest in his employees lives.  People want to be managed as people, not as mere workers. – Human beings need to be needed. Everyone wants to feel that they are needed making a difference. – Managers often forget that workers have their own sense of what to feel satisfied and their job. Worker is not just want to do whatever the manager wants, he also as a person that wants to feel like what he does matters and makes a difference. – Great athletes don’t try to make a goal or score a touchdown just because it would look better on their contract, they do it because it gives them a sense of fulfillment. Every person must in someway measure their fulfillment.

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