52 Things Wives Need from their Husbands

by Jay Payleitner
– Never suggest or think that marriage is a 50-50 proposition. We are a team, we share
and console, we help, give and receive. Marriage is 100-100.
– Wives need their husbands to kiss them.
– Thinking about what your bride likes will strengthen your marriage.
– Think about, study and know what your wife likes and then make it happen.
– A wise husband will make a list of the things that his wife likes and update it regularly.
Then every week try to get or do one of the things that she likes.
– Wives need their husbands to leave so that they can cleave. You cannot hold onto
your mother and family and still try to cleave to your wife.
– The family that you came from is not as important as the family that you have.
– While a guy can be ready for sex in matter of seconds, a woman can’t be derailed
from sex in a matter of seconds. So learn to put distractions out of the way: a lock on
the door, kids laid down or busy, music on, phone off, etc.
– Never go to bed bad, it’s better to stay up and fight.
– If you believe what the comedians and other say about marriage (that it is either a
prison or battleground) than you really deserve what you have.
– You might not always get what you want, but you get what you expect – Charles
– Challenge yourself to go several days without saying anything mean or negative to
your wife. Better yet, try to say something nice to your wife every day for a week.
– You as the husband need to read the verses before and after Ephesians 5:22.
– Your wife needs you to take the leadership role, but she need you to lead in love.
1 52 Tings Wives Need fom teir Husbands by Jay Payleitner Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– We are quick to say that we would take a bullet for our wife, but that will probably
never happen. She doesn’t need you to take a bullet, she needs you to sacrificially
love her – that means putting her needs before yours.
– Wives need their husbands to ask forgiveness in a tone that says they really mean it.
– Asking forgiveness and giving forgiveness is what Christians do, because we have a
great teacher: Jesus.
– Protect your marriage by not keeping secrets or having a relationship with other
women besides your wife.
– Incest on your wife’s input, you would likely be helped by it.
– Wives need their husbands to be the pastor of their home. Just be the best Christian
that you can be, and your wife and children will be encouraged to be the best
Christians as well. Do, then model, then teach.
– Agree on what you will spend money on – finances cause big problems in marriage.
Give the God, be generous, don’t go in debt, save,…
– Wives need their husbands to only have eyes for her.
– The world’s concept is that you can look but not touch, but Jesus said looking is
adultery as well. You must let your wife be the point of your fantasy, no one else. Your
bride is the most beautiful woman in the world, so start acting like it, believing it and
seeing it.
– Your wife is as beautiful as you see her. Beauty is more in the mind than it is the eyes.
– Don’t be afraid to be a family man, it brings some of the greatest joys. We are
pressured to believe that masculinity is taken away when we have a minivan and help
our kids, but that is so far from the truth.
– One of the reasons that we have our wives is to keep us accountable.
– You lose almost every time you go into a rage. Proverbs 14:17
– Have love in your marriage that is intentional, sacrificial and continual.
– Work on the areas that you are weak in – you need help from your wife and your
Creator. You can and should have a plan to work on areas.
– It takes real strength to be gentle.
– Learn to be smart and overlook things.
2 52 Tings Wives Need fom teir Husbands by Jay Payleitner Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Surrendering to your wife’s request is usually a very smart move to make.
– Your wife need you to be a father to the children. She automatically has a bond to the
children because of caring them and birthing them, but too many fathers are absent in
the children’s lives.
– Your wife needs you to stay away from flirting with anybody but her.
– Your children will have a much greater chance of getting married and staying married
if you will work through your problems and stay married instead of getting divorced.
– If something is on the honey-do list, be a honey and do it.
– Your wife needs you as the husband to put her second, making God first in marriage
as well as your own life. If you love and follow God, He will teach you how to be the
best husband, father and man – and that’s what your wife and your family needs.
– With God, your marriage is stronger. Ecclesiastes 4:12.
– Your wife need you to repudiate porn. It is not enough to just turn away from, you
must turn to the Lord. He’s the only one who can help you and give victory in this
seductive world. If your eye causes you to fall, gouge it out and don’t let it make you
fall. Matthew 18:9.
– Kiss your wife. Do it in public, in front of your kids and frequently. Hold her and look in
her before you kiss her telling her that you love her, but do make sure you kiss her.
Kiss her unselfishly, not only when you want sex.
– The thought of giving is more valuable than the gift. Think of your wife and get her
– Understand that there will come a time when you fade out in your love, but keep
loving. Every good sports player and coach knows the importance of going back to
the basics. So go back to doing the basics in marriage: doing things friends do, doing
things lovers do, going on walks, etc. Falling in love is fantastic, but staying in love is
even better.
– You can make your wife looks beautiful – to others, to you and to herself. Tell her and
see her through eyes that believes she is beautiful. If you see your wife as beautiful,
she is!
3 52 Tings Wives Need fom teir Husbands by Jay Payleitner

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