The 10 X Rule

by Grant Cardone
– It takes the same amount of energy to have a great marriage as it does to have an
average marriage. It take the same amount of energy to make $10 million as it does
to make $10,000.
– If you will try 10 times as hard, do 10 times as much and put forth 10 times the effort,
you will outdo everyone.
– You have to take it to another level to get to the next level.
– The people who work successful in any area are people who continue even after they
have reached an achievement. A good marriage does not maintain itself, it has to be
worked on… And so does every other area of life.
– You must set goals that are 10 times what you want and then work 10 times as hard
to achieve those goals.
– You must never do what others do, you have to do what others do not do. Take action
and do 10 times as much, working 10 times as hard as anyone else.
– A bad concept is thinking that you will get discouraged if you set too high of goals, but
too often we set low goals and reach them instead of setting super high goals and not
reaching them.
– We are told not to set unrealistic goals, but wouldn’t it be better to come short on a 10
times goal than it would be to not set a goal? If you set high goals, you will put more
effort into them than if you set low goals.
– It’s not enough to just have occupied territory, you must keep the territory.
– The right acts done in the right degree, persisting overtime, will get the job done.
– Assume that every project that you’re going to do will take more time, more effort and
more people to accomplish than you first plan.
– Everything will be more difficult and require more effort than you think – this is not to
discourage but so that you’ll plan. Work 10 times as hard in every area and you will
get it accomplished.
1 Te 10X Rule by Grant Cardone Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Approach every situation with a in-it-to-win-it mentality.
– No one acquires anything by failure.
– You do not need to be old to die – many people in their 20s, they just give up in life
and accomplish nothing, they live without a purpose, focus and aim in life.
– You must consider your duty to live up to your full potential, not just get by. Success
must not be an alternative or option, it must be an obligation and vital in your life.
– Most look at successful people & think they are just lucky, but they have worked hard
to get there and then their success breeds more success. Get in a position of success
and more success will be like an air around you.
– The harder you work, the more you’ll get. Plan on success and then work for it. You
become a magnet for success when you see it as your duty.
– There is no such thing as overnight success. Success always comes as a result of
beforehand effort.
– Success is something that people make. There’s no shortage on the amount of
success that you can have, it is not in a low supply.
– Success, money, jobs and opportunities are not in a dearth, they are out there in
abundance if you will go after them.
– Success has no limits, is not short supply or given only to a handful, it’s for anybody
that wants to work for it.
– There is no shortage of success, but there is a shortage of determination and work to
attain success.
– People who succeed take big actions, which means they take big responsibilities,
which means they don’t make excuses.
– Making excuses is thinking negative.
– Victims always have bad things happen to them and it’s never their fault. Successful
people have good things happen to them as a result of the responsibility that they
– Nothing happens to you, it happens because of you.
– You can either do nothing, retreat, do very little (normal levels) or take massive action.
2 Te 10X Rule by Grant Cardone Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
• 1. Doing nothing – just what it says, not learning, growing, not taking action. This
requires no work or no action. Boredom, lethargic, lazy, etc. it actually takes energy
to do nothing and try not to move forward.
• 2. Retreat – take action in reverse. They go backwards because they are scared, “I
don’t want anything bad to happen”. Retreating is not normal behavior, usually
comes from being told to do it over and over and then becomes a survival instinct.
• 3. Average, normal, very little – this is what the majority do, this is why we have
largest part of the population being middle class (not financial but the way they
think). The goal is average; average bill, average marriage, average finances,
average life. The definition of average means less extraordinary. Average is nothing
more than retreating from what you’re capable of. Average is the most dangerous
area to be in. You’re capable of so much more.
• 4. Massive action – no one was born into average just to do nothing, we were born
into massive action. Look at children, always doing something and always taking
action… and until adults tells them to take it down several levels, they do not know
that they are supposed to be boring, average and do very little. People don’t know
you, you are in obscurity, but best of action will change and results will happen.
Successful people do not see massive action as a problem, they see it as normal.
People are going to think that you have went to far, are crazy and have gone nuts
when you begin taking massive action. Massive action cannot hurt you, it will only
help you.
– If you approach every day as a new opportunity and work hard, you will outdo
everyone else.
– Average is a failing formula.
– The average worker reads less than one book a year and works 37.5 hours a week.
– Reason people fail in goals because they do not put goals high enough.
– Your goals change and life goes on, so keep writing them down and keep setting
goals. Don’t set goals only once a year when it’s resolution time, set goals constantly.
– People say be reasonable or realistic, but that’s only means to keep your goals
according to everyone else’s opinion. Shoot high and work hard.
– There is no shortage of success. Set high goals. Setting high goals will require hard
3 Te 10X Rule by Grant Cardone Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Don’t compare or be a normal thinker, be a forward thinker – Steve Jobs would have
never invented the iPad if he was comparing to others. All successful people think
about what they can do instead of comparing to what others are doing.
– Never make it your goal to compete but to dominate the sector that you are working
at. Competition is for sissies, domination is what you want.
– Set the bar, don’t go with what everyone else does. Be ahead of everyone else, don’t
just go with the flow.
– Do what other people will not do. Do you want your competition is not willing to do or
is not doing, this will give you an unfair advantage. Find what people cannot do or will
not do.
– You may have a money shortage, but if you are more creative, work harder and study
more, you will pass everyone.
– Work hard; first you will get no attention, than you get a complaint (which is attention)
than you get admiration (which is positive attention).
– So when you work hard, you will first get complaints, then criticism, then haters, then
– Do what people will not do, go where they will not go, think and take actions in 10 X
quantities that others are not willing to take or cannot even comprehend.
– Quit thinking about others and stop competing, you want domination not competition.
– You must have obsession to follow through with your goals. You have to stay
encouraged every day or you will not get it done. If you do not become obsessed with
your idea or goals, you will not get it accomplished.
– Make your dreams, goals and ambitions an obsession.
– The ability to be obsessed is not a disease, it is a gift.
– Most of society teaches against the all-in mentality because we want to play it safe,
we want to be conservative. There are certain things in this world that have limits, but
you do not have limits on yourself – give all of your energy, time, creativity and effort
and get it done.
– You will never hit it out of the park if you don’t swing.
– We have all heard the story of the tortoise and the hare. The hare has the ability and
runs fast but then slows down to rest. The tortoise keeps flooding on and ends up
4 Te 10X Rule by Grant Cardone Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
winning. The story teaches us just to keep going, but not worry about working hard
and running fast. But what if there was a third character who had the speed of a hare
and the determination of a tortoise – the whole story would be changed.
– Overcommit your creativity, resources, time and persistence in every area.
– Don’t look to avoid problems, look to solve them. Problems will come when you
overcommit, but just find a solution for them.
– Instead of following the pack, lead the pack. Get out there and work hard.
– I would rather die pushing forward than die retreating backwards.
– Your fire has to continue burning hot, which means you must continue stoking the fire,
you must continue with more action than everyone else.
– Success appears to bless those that give it most action than most attention. Like a
garden, you must continue working on it (trimming, hedging, watering, weeding, etc.).
– Build a fire so big and so hot that your competition and everyone else will want to
come sit at the fire to get warmed up.
– Don’t be afraid of fear, use it as a green light signaling to you what you should do.
– Starve your fear from its favorite food, which is time. Don’t give any time to fear.
– The time to act is now, don’t wait more time which will allow fear to grow. Nothing
happens without action.
– Countless individuals fail all of the time because they wait too long to write the email,
make the call or act upon something and someone else gets it. Waiting for more time
just feeds your fear.
– Everyone faces fear, but what we do with that fear determines who we are.
– Use the fear to get things done, don’t wait and give it time or you will be more afraid
and lose. No one is fearless, but successful people just act upon it instead of giving
their fear more time.
– The only way to increase time is do more with the amount of time than you have.
– The 10 X rule gives you more time because you are more than doubling your efforts
with the time you have.
– Log what you do throughout the day and you will be able to cut out time wasting
because you see where you are unprofitable.
5 Te 10X Rule by Grant Cardone Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– When you succeed, criticism is not far behind.
– If you make a big enough splash, you will attract criticism.
– Laying low or flying under the radar to avoid attention probably means that you are
holding yourself back in areas.
– The only way to handle criticism is to foresee it as an element to your journey of
– Criticism proceeds admiration and goes hand-in-hand with success.
– The best way to retaliate against criticism is to keep succeeding.
– Customer service is the wrong target, increasing customers is the right target. You will
have good customer service and that is why you’re having more customers, but
customer service is not the goal.
– Brands that get the job done do not talk about customer service, they talk about
customer acquisition and just have customer service. You have to get married before
you can make your wife happy – you have to get customers before you could make
them happy.
– You will not get the quality without seeking quantity.
– When criticized, many people spend most of their effort retaliating and thinking about
others and their criticism, but instead use all of your efforts to push forward and do
– Real success is measured by longevity.
– None of the excuses that we use will help us, so quit using them.
– No excuse exist that can or cannot make you successful.
– Characteristics of successful people:
1. Have a can-do-it attitude – You must believe and convey that a solution
does exist even if you have to work harder to get it.
2. Believe that you will figure it out – even if you do not know how to do it,
the best answer is not “I’m not sure” but “I will figure it out”. This is not
mean that you know everything, but that you are willing to try to figure it
6 Te 10X Rule by Grant Cardone Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
3. Successful people focus on opportunity – normal people will see the
problems, but successful people will see the opportunities coming their
way. Remember that success is overcoming a challenge. You cannot
succeed without overcoming challenges.
4. Successful people love challenges – whereas most people are scared
of them, successful people are innovative and charged by the
challenges. Challenges are the instruments used to sharpen successful
people’s abilities. See the challenges as a stipulation to engage instead
of a problem to avoid.
5. Successful people seek to solve problems – they seek out a problem
so that they can solve them. The world is full of people that have
problems but what separates the successful people from the normal is
that the successful people solve problems instead of creating them.
6. Successful people persists – to continue, be steadfast and firm in hard
times is a characteristic that successful people have.
7. Take risks – too many of us are taught to play it safe and do not risk.
The successful are willing to go all out, play their whole hand and not
hold back knowing that if it doesn’t go well, they can do it again.
8. Be unreasonable – most people are taught to be reasonable and
logical, but we will not get far that way. Successful people know that
that they cannot afford to act according to the average and reasonable
level that everyone approves. We would not have airplanes, vehicles,
space shuttles, computers and so much more if the people that
invented them tried to be “reasonable” with everyone else.
9. Be dangerous – so many people are living a life to avoid danger so
much that they don’t even really live their lives. They do more harm
trying to stay than if they would live dangerously. To go big, you cannot
be afraid of danger.
10. Create wealth – successful people generate wealth. Consider how they
have many properties that create wealth for them.
11. Readily take action – most people talk about a plan of action but never
get around to it, successful people make a plan and then work it. Action
is not a talent, it is a decision that successful people make.
7 Te 10X Rule by Grant Cardone Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
12. Always say yes – to go forward create action to be successful, you
have to say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. Don’t say no
unless you have to. Although there are times to say no, most people
don’t say yes enough to ever see anything happen.
13. Eventually commit – commitment is one of those things in which there
is a great shortage. Don’t test the waters, jump all the way in.
Commitment is devoting oneself totally to an action. It is better to
commit them to be educated than not be committed. Commit as though
you’re already successful and you eventually will be.
14. Go all the way – going halfway avails no results. Until an action is
turned into success, it is not really done.
15. Focus on now – there are only two places on which a successful
person can focus, the now and the future. You will be amazed at how
much you can get done if you will quit analyzing, procrastinating and
excuse making and just start now. Action is necessary and there is no
more important time than right now.
16. Demonstrate courage – soldiers and firemen have fear, but they just
act on courage as it is if it is their duty. Act with a sense of confidence
and courage, some may even call it a touch of arrogance. Courage
comes to those that act, not wait or think about it. Courage is only
obtained by doing.
17. Embrace change – you cannot be successful by keeping everything the
same. Successful people look at how the world is changing, seek to
improve and evaluate, making changes where needed.
18. Determine to take the right approach – successful people are willing to
spend money, time and effort to better in an area where unsuccessful
people do not want to spend anything.
19. Challenge traditions – successful people go against the flow and
challenge the norm that has always been set. They break that which
has always worked in order to get to what works better. Successful
people are not interested in how things have always been done, they
want to find the better way. They don’t make change just for change
sake, they do it to have newer, better and more effective products.
8 Te 10X Rule by Grant Cardone Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
20. Be goal oriented – a goal is something that needs to be achieved in
order to arrive at a certain destination. If you do not spend time making
goals, you will spend your life completing or fulfilling the goals of others
instead of your own.
21. Be on a mission – successful people do not just work a job, they are on
a mission. Make every phone call, do every little task and spend every
day as if you are on a mission, that you have a special calling to do
what you are doing.
22. Have a high level of motivation – unsuccessful people have low
motivation, clarity and purpose whereas the successful full person is
motivated. Anything that you can do to stay highly motivated is critical
to your 10 X action.
23. Value results – unsuccessful people focus on the work, effort and time
even if they did not see results, but successful people focus on the
results instead of the effort and time. Quit prematurely patting your
back for just trying, and value results. Results, not efforts, should be
the focus of what you’re doing.
24. Have big dreams and big goals – leave the normal and reasonable
dreams for the average people to fight over, go after the big monstrous
dreams and goals. Trivial dreams will cause you to compete with
millions of people, but dream bigger and set higher goals. Surround
yourself with everything that you can that will help you dream bigger,
achieve bigger and think bigger.
25. Create reality – the highly successful people do not live in the reality of
others, they create their own reality. Success is achieved by those who
do not except what everybody else says, they creates their own reality.
26. Commit first and figure out the details later – most think that they have
to figure everything out first, but just commit and then figure it out.
While most people figure things out, others pass them by. So just
commit and take action and figure it out along the way instead of
waiting. Creativity follows commitment. It’s not always the smartest that
win in life, but those that are passionately willing to commit to things I
get the job done.
9 Te 10X Rule by Grant Cardone Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
27. Be highly ethical – a one dollar criminal is just as bad as a million-dollar
criminal, so don’t lie and cheat even at the top. It is also unethical to
not work with all your might.
28. Be interested in the group – you can only do as much as those around
you. Put those around you and those on your team to succeed as well
because they will succeed when you do.
29. Be committed to growing – successful people read an average of 60
bucks a year while average people read less than one book a year.
Successful people make time for reading, learning and educating
themselves. Successful people know their health, wealth and future
depend on their own personal growth.
30. Get uncomfortable – successful people are willing to put themselves in
a position of being uncomfortable to get where they want but
unsuccessful people seek comfort. Discomfort is an indicator of where
you have to go, you want to be uncomfortable. Be willing to be
uncomfortable to attain success.
31. Reach up in relationships – successful people do not obtain success by
surrounding themselves with people just like them, they find smarter,
better and motivated people to put around them. Average people spend
time with like-minded people, those they are comfortable with. Reach
up, never sideways and never down. The people who you surround
yourself with have much to do with if you’re going to achieve your goals
or not. Black belts do not achieve their accomplishments by spending
time with white belts.
32. Be disciplined – discipline is required to achieve any desired
– Successful people embrace fear and discomfort.
– Emotions are overrated, just commit and do something.
– Don’t think about what others say or what happened in the past, focus on the
future. People spend too much time discouraging their own selves and talking
them selves out of why it can’t be done.
10 Te 10X Rule by Grant Cardone Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– It’s not about intelligence, economics or who you know because all of that
without 10 X thinking and 10 X actions will get you nowhere.
– Success is not a choice or option, it is your duty, obligation and responsibility.
11 Te 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

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