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Stopping Stress Before it Stops You

by Kevin Leman
Disclaimer: this book is written for mothers but I have enjoyed several of the author’s
books so I thought I would check it out and see what is applicable for everyone. Since it
seems many people get stressed, I thought there could be some principles applicable
for everyone. So here it is…
– You can minimize stress and use it as a positive tool in your life.
– Stressing out is a preventable disease.
– Stress comes from pressure. Life is a pressure cooker of stress.
– When an accident (or close-to-accident) or situation occurs, our adrenaline is pumped
up and then goes back down. When we are stressed, the same occurs. If we stay
stressed, the adrenaline continues and that continual adrenaline can cause ulcers,
cancer and more.
– Why is it that a society like ours that has almost everything is so stressed? Much is
because we do not want to wait and we want everything now.
– It is your perception of something that turns it into stress. Your job as well as anything
else is not your point of stress, it is your perception of the situation that is your stress.
– Why is it that some people get stressed over a job, their boss or other situations while
other people do not get stressed – it is their perception that makes them stressed.
– If you like to control, you will very likely be stressed more.
1. Children can be one of the biggest points of stress. – Babies cry, fuss and don’t sleep. Then they turned into two-year-olds and climb
around and get into everything… and the cycle only continues.
– If you let your children be in front of your marriage, they will run your life. You
need to make sure that they are not first place in your life.
– All children are natural getters.
1 Stpping Stess Before it Stps You by Kevin Leman Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– You need to let your children stay with someone else and not think you always
have to be with them or right beside them.
– If your child throws a temper tantrum, don’t run to him/her, just walk out or away
from them to let them realize you’re not going to run to the rescue.
– Unattainable goals of trying to be the perfect parent will only make you more
frustrated and stressed.
2. Lack of Time is another point of stress. – Take smaller bites out of life.
– Sometimes you have to say no.
3. Marriage is another point of stress. – Make your wife part of your decisions, that shows you value her.
4. Another big source of stress is money. – We never have enough and we always want more than we have.
– It seems that the easy answer to stress is to just take some pills but that they will
likely never solve the root problem.
– A simple secret to cutting out stress is work on your priorities. You have the
potential to arrange things in a way that can cut out the stress. Seems simple, and
everyone knows this, but if you want to get out of stress work on your priorities.
– It is hard to get people off of their proverbial stress treadmills, they just continue
forward to exhaustion and burnt out. You must change something and do something
different to cut the stress out.
– Quit worrying about stuff and just face it.
– Most of what we worry about does not even happen.
– Do the unpleasant things first and get them over with and then reward yourself by
dealing with the smaller things.
2 Stpping Stess Before it Stps You by Kevin Leman Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Adopt the motto that if money will fix it, then it’s really not a problem. If you can fix the
situation by buying another compressor, fixing a part, etc., than it is a manageable
– Stress may get you down momentarily, but you do not have to let it keep you there.
– Our body can only take so much. When we put our body under too much stress,
something has to give and something will give.
– You need your own game plan, a way to unplug and de-stress.
– One of the best answers to dealing with stress is being in tune with your Maker.
– Get enough rest – that is not just sleep, it is relaxing or doing something that will
allow you to get away from routine (walking, sitting down, jogging, etc.).
– Develop a hobby.
– Have a group of friends.
– Recognize the things that cause stress in your life and when your body says it is too
much, than back off.
– Avoid packing your day so full that you don’t have time to think.
– Share your feelings – whether to a person, on paper (journal) or in prayer, share your
feelings with someone.
– Watch only a certain amount of news or certain talkshows and programs. You can
only taken so much negative news, so be careful.
– Build stress relievers in your workday. Take a walk at lunch hour, drink a cup of
coffee, try not to take your work home, and learn to wind down before you go home or
when you are with family. Control your job or your job will control you.
3 Stpping Stess Before it Stps You by Kevin Leman

The 7 Habits Signature Series, Habit 1 Be Proactive

by Stephen Covey
– To know and not to do is really not to know.
– The results we get in life depends on what we do.
– Habits are powerful and they determine our level of effectiveness or ineffectiveness.
– We must be proactive, then begin with the end goal in mind, and then we must put
first things first.
– If you want significant breakthroughs, you must change your paradigm, how you see
things. If you change how you see things, you would change how you feel and act.
– It’s not what people do to us that hurts us, it is our chosen response that hurts us.
– Learn to be happy with what you have, not with what you will have.
– The normal paradigm is to think that everything around us must change before we
change, but the proactive paradigm is to say I must change and then everything
around me will change.
– When we blame situations and people’s for our problems, we are not being
responsible – “response-able”. We must take responsibility in order to change things.
– If you want to improve any situation, you must improve the one thing that you have
control of, yourself.
– Happiness like unhappiness is a proactive choice.
– If you start thinking that the problem is out there, you must stop yourself because your
thought is the problem.
– We are responsible for our own effectiveness and happiness.
– Knowing that we are responsible (response-able) is key to our effectiveness.
1 Te 7 Habits Signature Series, Habit 1 Be Proactve by Stphen Covey

The Art of Storytelling

by Jeff Davidson
– Storytelling is something that has been done in every culture throughout history.
– Storytelling is essentially using props or anything to get your point across when
sharing something.
– But good storytelling is not merely using a prop as it is involving their own lives into
that of the listeners.
– Good storytellers formulate images in the mind of their listeners so they can imagine
and be with them in the story in order that the listeners can share the experience with
the speaker.
– It is important to understand that the audience speaks to the storyteller just as much
as the storyteller speaks to the audience. With their movements, their eyes, sitting up
or different cues with their body that communicate with the storyteller.
– Good storytellers are not just giving a performance to the audience as much as they
are involving the audience.
– The storyteller must not get so wrapped up in his story that he loses the audience and
does not take them along with him. If he does not make eye contact, the right amount
of pauses, etc., the audience will drift off.
– If you understand the motivation of why you are sharing the story more than just the
fact that you’re sharing the story, it will greatly help you get your story across to the
– If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a story is worth many thousands if not millions.
1 Te Art of Strytling by Jeff Davidson

The Art of the Deal

by Donald Trump
– Some of the best deals are the ones you do not make.
– Always listen to your gut feeling and not just what looks good on paper.
– You need to be able to act promptly.
– He has his food ordered in and sent to his office because going out to eat is a waste
of time in his opinion.
– He does not like parties but will go if he needs to for business purposes.
– Aim high and keep pushing, pushing, pushing to get what you are aiming for.
– A lot of dealmaking is not about intelligence but about instincts.
– Think big. If you have to think anyways, you might as well think big. Most people think
– Don’t take too seriously your critics.
– Leverage is having something the other guy needs or wants – always deal with
– Deliver the goods. You can create excitement and get away with things for a while,
but eventually people will figure it out and you cannot con them forever… You must
deliver the goods.
– Contain the cost – spend what you have to but don’t spend what you don’t have to.
– When all of his friends in college were reading comics, he was reading books on
politics and other important issues.
– Anything cleaned up and maintained is worth more money – if you wax and polish
your car, you could probably get $400 more out of it; and the same goes with real
estate and everything else.
1 Te Art of te Deal by Donald Trump Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– It does not stay up at night worrying about many things, is mainly an optimist.
– Be direct, simple and enthusiastic.
– A good-looking presentation goes a long way.
– Quality attracts more quality.
– Credibility is crucial.
– Hire the best people and give them a salary they deserve and you will have a top-
class organization.
– There are times when you must be aggressive and other times we must be willing to
just lay back and be calm.
– Great management pays off.
– A good view is worth a small fortune.
– In any partnership, you are only as strong as your weakest link.
– Leadership is the key to getting the job done.
– You are not measured by how much you undertake, but how much you accomplish.
– Learn to overcome obstacles and motivate others to do their work.
2 Te Art of te Deal by Donald Trump

The Edge: The Power to Change Your Life Now

by Anthony Robbins
– If you don’t grow, you die.
– We usually become stronger and greater in whatever area we focus. It definitely
works that way with stress, but it can work that way in your relationships, priorities
and every area of life.
– Our limitations are not from our knowledge, talent or strength rather from our mindset.
– The only thing that stops us from getting what we want is our story of why we can’t
have it. All of us make up stories of why we can’t do it and are not capable.
– Life is a “get to” and not a “got to”. When we change our thinking, we will become
– Wherever focus goes, energy flows.
– Make a commitment to schedule time to be alone and think – on your plans, your
goals, what you’re thankful for and what you want to accomplish.
– Once you figure out what you want, find a role model that will help you get there.
– Clarity is power.
– Most people do not get started to change their life because they are overwhelmed,
but if you will just start with little changes your life will change drastically.
– Problems are a part of life, but we can choose to make the problems into challenges
and become better as a result.
– There are two worlds, the inside world and the outside world. We cannot control what
happens in the outside world, but we can and should control what happens on the
inside. Sadly many people do not take time to look on the inside and work on it.
– Emotion is created by motion. Change your movement, your body language, and you
will change how you feel.
– Focus equals reality to an individual even if that reality is not actuality. Whatever the
person focuses on will make him happy or depressed, sad or glad. You are in control
and can change your feelings in an instant if you would just focus on the right thing.
1 Te Edge: Te Power t Change Your Life Now by Antony Robbins Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– If you focus on times that you did not succeed and failed, you will feel like a failure.
– Change your language patterns. All day long we speak to ourselves and tell ourselves
what we can or can’t do, what works or what does not. We have to change how we
speak to ourselves. Be careful of the questions that you ask yourself and the phrases
that you always use, they make patterns.
– We have absolute control of our feelings, and our feelings will determine our quality of
– Fear disappears when you become thankful, so start giving thanks.
– The antidote to getting things done is quit rationalizing with yourself about why you
cannot do it.
– There are patterns of success and patterns of failure.
– Once you plan something the job is not done, it has just begun. Now we have to
begin working at it.
– When you set a goal, do something immediately pertaining that goal so that you can
create motion (send an email, make a phone call, order the book, etc.). Write some
little things that you could do immediately and write some big things that need to be
– As soon as you make big goals and plans, you will have opponents. There are three
specific kind of opponents:
1. External – people who just enjoy criticizing even though you do not know
them or are not close to them.
2. Intimate – those closest to you telling you that it is not possible or not a good
3. Internal – the doubts and fears inside of you wanting you to back off or quit.
– Your beliefs determine and control your behavior. Whether you believe you can or
you can’t, that is exactly what will happen to you.
– Whatever you are doing or thinking is based on your beliefs, whether consciously or
subconsciously. For example, if you are angry, discouraged or unhappy, what do you
have to leave in order to feel that way?
– You get the edge in life by enjoying the process, not just waiting to be happy when
you finish it.
2 Te Edge: Te Power t Change Your Life Now by Antony Robbins

The Disciplines of the Christian Life

by Eric Liddell
– A life of discipleship. The key to discipleship is knowing God.
– Obedience is the secret to insight and knowing God. Not willingness to go, but
willingness to do.
– Every Christian should live a God-guided life.
– Doing God’s will was like meat to Jesus – John 4:34
– You will know as much of God’s will as you are willing to do and to put in practice.
– Surrender your own will to whatever God wants.
– Honesty is yet another discipline that we need as Christians. Honesty with money,
with work, with others, etc.
– Love – it is never rude, it is always patient, it is always open, never selfish, never self-
centered, always slow to expose, always eager to leave the best, is hopeful, it never
– Humility – never justifies itself and never pushes itself forward. It self examine’s and
always looks to the Savior. Pride is the great enemy of humility. Humility is not looking
out for self yet always willing to reconcile if it has done wrong.
– To know God.
• To know God you must spend time with him every day.
• When you spend time with God:
1. Take time to just be silent.
2. Name the things that you are thankful for.
3. Reflect on what the challenges are to accept with God’s help
4. Reflect on what the new truths or challenges you received from God’s
word today.
5. Remember your duty to witness for God in every moment throughout the
• Learn verses and learn hymns to be able to say and sing.
1 Te Disciplines of te Christan Life by Eric Liddel Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Sin is the thing that separates us from God; it brings consequences.
– If we neglect time praying to God by saying that we can pray any time, we will likely
pray at no time.
– Faith cast fear and feelings aside.
– Pure – Pure in speech, pure in body, pure in habits. Pure in mind and thought, pure in
outlook towards those of the opposite sex.
– Self-discipline is essential in the Christian life.
– The only way to face persecution is to rejoice.
– Lordship means saying not my will but thine.
– We are stewards – We could be slothful stewards (Matthew 25:14-30) but we could
also be faithful stewards (1 Corinthians 4:1–2).
– We are to be stewards of our finances, stewards of our minds, stewards of our
bodies, memory, education, gifts, time, talents, etc. All to be used for his will not our
– Do not live in fear. Fear paralyzes faith. If God put something in your heart to do, do it
even if you are afraid. Fear does not come from looking at yourself but looking at
– In Mark 5:36, Jesus says not to be afraid but only believe. Faith acts and victory
2 Te Disciplines of te Christan Life by Eric Liddel

The Complete Negotiator

by Gerard Nierenberg
– Life is not a game that only one can win, it is more that both sides can win.
– You get further in life by understanding the other person.
– Instead of thinking your ideas are the rational ones and the other person’s are
irrational, spend more time trying to understand the person instead of condemning the
– You should listen to the other person. This does not mean that you have to change
your premises but it doesn’t mean that you can understand the other person to work it
out better.
– A successful negotiation is one in which everyone wins.
– Negotiation requires communication, which requires both listening and speaking.
– People show more of their attitude by nonverbal actions than they do verbally. Learn
to look at how they are communicating verbally, pay attention. A good negotiator
listens with both the eyes and the ears.
– Keep control of the situation by not responding according to their reactions.
– You control the climate, the climate does not control you.
1 Te Complet Negotatr by Gerard Nierenberg