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The Leader in You

by Dale Carnegie
– You cannot lead by directive, you must leave by influence.
– The ability to communicate with people is essential in leadership. It’s what turns a
good idea into a great idea, it’s what ignites people.
– People will not listen to what you have to say unless you have a sincere interest.
– Treat people as if they are smart and capable and then get out of their way – that will
get the job done. Respect them and appreciate their work.
– Making someone feel important is not a one time thing, it is several little small things
such as returning a phone call, remembering their name, thanking them, etc.
– Good listening is key to affective communication.
– Good listening is better than speaking other languages or knowing all about every
– No one could possibly know everything. Listening to others is the single most
important thing in learning.
– No one is more persuasive than a good listener. You almost never forget a good
listener when you meet one.
– Good leaders talk in plural, how we need, how we accomplished, etc. People need to
feel like their contributions are important.
– Share the glory but always accept the blame.
– Criticize your mistakes before anyone else gets an opportunity to do it.
– Think twice before you criticize or blame.
– If you do have to criticize, walk softly and do not bring along a big stick. Praise first
and then critique a kind way.
– If you are shouting for arguing with someone you have already lost.
– Be quick to admit mistakes and slow to criticize.
1 Te Leader in You by Dale Carnegie Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Set goals, they give us something to shoot for and look towards. Without goals, it is
easy to drift. A goal is a dream with a deadline.
– Patience and perseverance will accomplish more in this world than a fast run at
– Having a goal is important but is only half of it; the other half is discipline and focus.
– Leaders do not lose focus, they keep their focus.
– Consistently high-performance comes from a balance of both hard work and leisure.
You have to have both to continue for a long time.
– When something is going on and you are worried, you have to ask yourself how much
it’s worth. Is it worth losing a night sleep, a week of anxiety, etc.? Very few things are
worth worrying so much about. Keep things in perspective.
– Instead of worrying so much, ask yourself what the reality of this coming to pass.
Next, what is the worst case scenario if this happens. And lastly, what can you do to
fix or help the situation.
– There are very few motivators as a positive, upbeat attitude.
– The way to be enthusiastic is to believe in what you are doing and believe in yourself
that you can do it.
– True enthusiasm is made up of both eagerness and assurance.
2 Te Leader in You by Dale Carnegie

The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating

by Andy Stanley
– Start living like the person that you want to marry. Do you have all the qualities and
characteristics of the person that you yourself are trying to look for in a mate?
– Become a person that the person you are looking for is looking for.
– Instead of working so hard on looking, work hard on becoming the right person.
– Your relationships will never be any healthier than you are.
– If you cannot learn self-control right now, you will not do it later on when you get
married. The only thing that changes when you get married is a last name, not your
– Most guys think that when they meet the right body, they will have no more need for
the artificial body (by looking at porn and lusting over girls), but that is not true. If
anything, it will only accelerate your desire and need.
– Porn is not a past-time, it is a pathway – a pathway to destruction! It destroys
relationships, marriages, thought patterns, behaviors and expectations.
– You should know that your sexual decisions before you get married will affect your
sexual decisions after you get married.
– Purity now paves the way for intimacy later. Sex is more than just physical.
– Sexual sins is like no other sin; not because it’s unforgivable or more wicked than
others, but because it is against your own body. Jesus did not say this because he
will not forgive you, but because it brings so many problems, scars, regrets and pains
to your life.
– Practice makes perfect does not apply to sex. It undermines intimacy!
– Every time you say no, you’re saying yes: yes to a better future, yes to purity, yes to a
better you, yes to intimacy, and yes to trust.
1 Te New Rules for Love, Sex, and Datng by Andy Stanley

The New Strong-Willed Child

childby James Dobson
– Children can and will be defiant towards their parents, but we have to remember that
this is nothing new since Adam and Eve did the same thing with God.
– If there are multiple children in the household, one is likely to be defiant and the other
compliant. Why this works out this way no one knows, but it is usually the case.
– If the strong-willed child’s will is not brought under subjection as a child, he/she will
only bring more trouble and later be subjected in a harsher way.
– To a degree, children see their parental authority as they will see God’s authority.
They must learn to obey authority.
– Distinguish boundaries of what is permitted and not permitted for the child.
– The will (them wanting to get their own way) must be broken without breaking their
– The will must be guided, shaped and brought under the parental subjection.
– Be very careful with your words (comparing your children, saying they are dumb, fat,
lazy, not smart, etc.) because a child’s will can be broken by a parents words.
– If you say something to your children that can hurt them, be quick to apologize and
mend things.
– You do not need anger to control children, you do need strategic action.
– Discipline is important, but discipline in love is more important.
– Spanking should not be enforced on impulse or when a parent is out of control.
– Spanking should be used for the purpose of teaching in love, never in or for revenge
or hatred.
– Spanking should always be done in private and not in public.
– Spanking should be followed up by an embrace and reassurance of the parent’s love.
– Spanking should happen after the warning was given and the child knows it is coming
as a result of disobedience.
1 Te New Stong-Wiled Child by James Dobson Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Middle school time is one of the most difficult times for a young person. Parents need
to be there for children at every stage in life, but especially this one.
– Love means freedom. A relationship where someone holds the loved one so close
will, will end up in losing them. Our God could force us to serve him but he gives us
freedom. So we as parents must allow our children freedom and not try to hold them
so tight.
– Bathe our kids in prayer every day. We cannot raise our children alone.
2 Te New Stong-Wiled Child by James Dobson

The One Minute Negotiator

by Don Hutson
– Tough times do not endure, but tough people do.
– You can always learn new things if you are willing.
– To generate change, we sometimes have to be slapped in the face.
– Our past is a result of the decisions we have made and the future is made up of our
choices today and those to come.
– Life presents us with many learning opportunities, if we ignore them we are choosing
our own obsolescence.
1 Te One Minut Negotatr by Don Hutson

The Power of your Subconscious Mind

by Joseph Murphy
– What you think about dramatically affects the quality of your life.
– The mind itself can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven.
– Your thoughts governs health, finances, relationships and all facets of life.
– In order for you’re life to change your thoughts have to change.
– New thought = new life.
– The secret of life is your subconscious mind. You can bring to yourself happiness,
health and wealth through your subconscious mind.
– There are two levels to the mind: the conscious and subconscious. What you think
seeps into your subconscious mind.
– Many things that were told us were in a way made to control us – we are too old or
too young, we could never do that, that is for an elite few, etc. But we do not have to
be influenced by negative suggestion. Don’t allow others to think for you, choose
– Whatever your conscious mind chooses and believes, your subconscious mind will
bring to pass.
– Whatever you impress on your subconscious mind, it will move heaven and earth to
bring it to pass. So we must impress it therefore with the right kind of thoughts.
– Whatever you think or feel right now, your body will manifest through your gestures
and life.
– Your prayers will be birthed out of your desire.
– Whenever your sub-conscience is told to believe something, it will use all of its
resources to bring it to pass… emotionally, spiritually and in every area. This law has
both positive and negative consequences – So it is important that we feed our
conscience the right things.
1 Te Power of your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Someone will not become a millionaire by just saying, “I am a millionaire, I am a
millionaire”. But he will become more aware and work harder at trying to make money
because he believes he can.
– Three steps to success:
1. Discover what you like to do begin doing it. Success is doing what you enjoy
2. Specialize in some branch of work and learn it better than anyone else.
3. Make sure that your desire does not only fulfill yourself but help out others.
– Find a quiet place to think.
– The secret to right action is to mentally devote yourself to find the right answer.
– Even a divorce begins first in the mind.
– Joshua 24:15 says choose you this day whom you will serve. You can choose
– The best things in life come from simplicity and creativity.
– If you’re going to be happy, you must sincerely desire to be happy. Some people have
been discouraged for so long that when they have something good happen, they feel
uncomfortable and cannot be happy. They have formed little feelings of unhappiness.
– When you wake up in the morning and open your eyes, you should remind yourself
that all things work together for good, that God is in control and has a plan, and that
God will take care of everything.
– We are commanded to treat others as we would want to be treated. So we should
think of others how we would want them to think of us and we should feel about
others how we would want others to feel about us.
– You may outwardly be nice to someone but inwardly criticize and think bad about
someone – such negative thoughts about the person will hurt your relationship with
that person.
– Negative thoughts will drag you down. It is like drinking poison that will eventually kill
– Your thoughts are creative, therefore you actually create the thoughts that you think
about another person or anything else.
– Whatever thought you anchor your mind upon, the mind magnifies.
2 Te Power of your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Your subconscious never grows old, it stays the same so you you can stay young in
3 Te Power of your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

The Power of Attitude

by Mac Anderson
– Attitude is everything.
– Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice.
– Your happiness and success is determined by your attitude and that affects both you
and everyone around you.
– Attitudes are contagious and we have to ask if we want our attitude shared with
– The only thing that stands between someone and their dreams is the will to try and
the faith to see it through.
– You become what you think about
– First we make our attitudes and then our attitudes make us – Dennis Waitley
– If we choose to think positive thoughts, we will get positive results; if we choose to
think negative thoughts then we will get negative results.
– Smile is a light on your face letting someone know that you are home.
– A positive attitude touches more people than you will know.
– Laugh loud and laugh often. Laughter is to the soul what soap is to the body. It can
affect our brain and immune system in multiple ways.
– Decide you will never ever give up.
– Treat all people like humans, it does not matter what position or how much money
they have.
– Manage stress before it manages you.
– Exercise will help you with stress. Stress is built up in energy and you must use that
– Quiet time to think and meditate will help with stress.
1 Te Power of Atitude by Mac Anderson Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Anger and bitterness are like a cancer and if you do not treat it, it will put a ceiling on
your life that will not let you go any higher.
– Forgiveness is the key that will allows the heavy weight that ties handcuffs to be
– You cannot live a life of comparing, it is always seeking more because it will never
satisfy you.
– Do not focus on the critical, significant few.
– We should learn to be like a child and not take ourselves so seriously.
– Humility is not an act but an attitude; caring for and thinking more of others than you
do yourself.
– The measure of a great man is how he measures a lesser man than himself
– The question is not if you will have fear but how you act when fear comes your way.
– Your imagination is what hold most people back.
– If you were to read 30 minutes every night, you would very quickly become
knowledgeable in so many areas.
– Surround yourself with people who love and it will make all the difference in the world
to you.
– You become what you think about – Earl Nightingale
– Your success in life is not determined by the failures or setbacks that you face but by
how you react to them.
– Whatever does not kill us can make us stronger.
– We cannot change the past or circumstances, but we can have the right attitude.
– Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.
– We are in charge of our attitudes.
– Find the right mentor and it will change your life in many positive ways.
– You have to be before you do – don’t just make a living, make a life. You have to love
and enjoy what you are doing or you will not be happy.
– One study said that 53% of Americans are not happy with the work they have. You
must enjoy what you are doing in order to be happy. You cannot fake passion.
2 Te Power of Atitude by Mac Anderson Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Finding your reason for being can make you unstoppable.
– Attitudes are truly contagious, so decided today to make your attitude a worthy one to
be caught.
– Attitudes are nothing more than thoughts and those thoughts come from habits, so
start having the right habits.
3 Te Power of Atitude by Mac Anderson

The Positive Dog

by Jon Gordon
– Benefits of being positive:
1. Positive people outlive negative people.
2. A positive environment is much easier and better to work at.
3. Positive sales people sell more than pessimistic salesmen.
4. Positive leaders are able to make better decisions under pressure.
5. Marriages are more likely to survive when a couple uses 5 to 1 ratio of
positive words rather than 1 to 1.
6. Positive people face problems with a positive outlook and are more healthy
and likely to get through problems.
7. Positive people have a broader perspective and can see the big picture
whereas negative people have a more narrow perspective and cannot see
but one piece.
8. Positive thoughts and emotions counter negative thoughts and emotions. You
cannot be positive and stressed at the same time.
9. Positive thoughts help athletes perform at a higher level.
10. Positive people have more friends which equals longevity in life as well as
11. Positive leaders are more likely to have followers, pay raises, and more
success than those that are not positive.
– The cost of being negative:
1. 90% of doctors visits are connected to stress.
2. Negative employees scare off for good more customers.
3. At work, too many negative interactions can hurt the cause of the team.
4. Activity affects the morale, performance and effectiveness of a team.
5. A negative person can create a miserable office environment for everybody
6. One study shows that 90% of anxiety at work is created by the 5% of
negative people at work.
7. Negative emotions are connected to shorter lifespan.
8. Negative emotions increase the chances of heart attacks and strokes.
9. Negativity is associated with worse health, more anxiety and less strength.
10. Negative people have fewer friends.
– We don’t base life off of reality rather off of our perspective of reality.
1 Te Positve Dog by Jon Gordon Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Practice gratitude every day and you will see the world through eyes of gratitude.
– How you define the world is how you see the world.
– Change your words and it will change your outlook:
• Say you get to instead of have to.
• Say blessed instead of stressed. Name three things you are thankful for the
feel stressed it will change the way you feel.
• Turn complaints into solutions. Tell yourself that you will not complain unless
you find one or two solutions to your complaints. Turn every negative situation
into something positive.
– Feed the positive dog instead of the negative dog.
– Choose faith instead of fear. Anger, jealousy, and complaining are all rooted in fear.
The antidote to fear is faith. Fear and faith both believe in the future, but fear believes
in a negative future and faith believes in a positive future.
– Faith will help you turn challenges into opportunities.
– Challenges can make you better or worse. But the challenges can become fortune,
not misfortune.
– Meditation and prayer reduce stress and give health and longevity.
– When you are positive, you are not the only one that benefits, everyone around you
benefits from your positivity.
– Positive energy is contagious.
– If you’re negative, you impact people around you in a negative way but if you’re
positive you impact people around you in a positive way.
– Each day you can choose whether to be a germ and infect people in a negative way
or be vitamin C and impact them in a positive way.
– Kindness Feeds others. When you feed others, you are also feeding yourself. Other
people need your kindness — kind action, kind word and positive attitude.
– Encourage others and speak into the lives of others. People need your
2 Te Positve Dog by Jon Gordon