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Found: God’s Will

John MacArthur
Salvation — God’s will begins at salvation.
– God’s will is that men be saved and we are the vehicles to share that with the world.
Spirit Filled — Christians being filled with His Spirit is His Will
– When you are saved, you receive the Holy Spirit but to what degree that God is active
in your life depends on you as an individual. You must yield your life to the Holy Spirit.
– When you’re close to Jesus you can do so much more and go so much further.
– The Spirit filled life is nothing more than living in the conscious presence of Christ.
– Ephesians 5:18 – we are to be controlled by an under the influence of
the Spirit instead of controlled by an under the influence of wine.
– The more you read the Bible, the more you will know the Bible. The only way you can
be Spirit minded is to saturate yourself in the Word.
Sanctification – being pure – 1 Thessalonians 4:3
– Sex is a good thing. You are not to avoid sex, you are to avoid sexual sins. Sex is a
beautiful thing from God, but only with your spouse.
– Control your body — I Thes 4:4
– A holy man is an awesome weapon in the hands of God
Submit – I Peter 2:15-18
– Submit to the authorities God has given you.
– I Peter 2:15 — submit and live in a way that will not bring reproach on name of Christ.
– Don’t hide your maliciousness under the cloak of your liberty — I Peter 2:17
1 Found: God’s Wil by John MacArtur Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Submit to your boss at work, government and every authority God has placed in your
– I Timothy 3:10 — the preacher should be a man under submission.
– Only exception of not obeying law of the land is when it goes against what God
– Some came to Jesus saying they wanted to follow Christ (Luke 9:57-58) but He
wanted them to know that suffering is part of the Christian life… not all easy.
– I Peter 5:10
– All will have to take up their cross.
– I Peter 3:17 — but suffer not because of our attitude or own fault but for Christ’s sake.
– I Peter 4:14-15 — don’t suffer as a bad doer but as a Christian
– II Timothy 3:12
– Evangelism is not just the preacher’s job, it is your job. Not passing out a tract but
living and talking about the Lord.
– Colossians 1:24
– Galatians 6:17
– Willing to confront the world and stand for what is right.
Do whatever you Want
– If you are living for the Lord and walking with Him as previously mentioned, than do
whatever you want because your desires are coming from the Lord.
– Psalm 37:4
– Once you are the right person, you will do the right thing. God gives you desires when
you are obeying Him.
– God’s Will is not a place but you as a person being who God wants you to be.
2 Found: God’s Wil by John MacArtur

Gladys Aylward

by Janet Benge
– She was 27 years old and was studying in China Inland Mission to be a missionary.
She was not doing well in her grades so they dismissed. She wanted to be a
missionary to China but now there was no chance.
– She went to the shipyard and asked how much it would cost to go to China. She only
had three shillings and they laughed at her. She began working to save up when
someone told her that there was a retired missionary couple from China looking for a
maid. She went to work for the couple and asked them to tell her stories of China and
would borrow books about China. Finally the lady she worked for told her that there
was a missionary widow that would not return from China even after she lost her
husband. Gladys ask them to contact her and left for China to work for her. She
traveled through Russia and treacherously was taken as a slave but she was saved in
the nick of time. She literally jumped on a ship headed to Japan and acted as a British
prisoner with the Japanese. When she arrived, they let her go and she headed to
– She finally arrived in China after many travel problems. Mrs. Lawson, the widow lady
she went to work for, had been in China for 53 years. They worked together forming a
hotel for travelers. After a while Mrs. Lawson unexpectedly died. Gladys did not know
what to do but wanted to stay in China. How could she maintain and finance the hotel
that her and Mrs. Lawson worked so well? She did not have the money and was
– One day out of nowhere, the Mandarin, leader in charge of the whole area that had
ultimate power, came by and visited Gladys. She was scared and did not know what
was going on. The Mandarin told Gladys that laws had changed and every woman in
the entire province was to quit binding their feet, a tradition used all over China for
many many years. He said that men could not look at women’s feet, so he needed a
woman to travel all over as a foot doctor and make sure that people quit binding
1 Gladys Aylward by Janet Benge Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
women’s feet. He said the only woman in that area that could walk and did not have
bound feet was Gladys, so she would work for him. He told her that she would travel
all over with the guards from the Mandarin and speak on his behalf. She told him she
was a Christian and would tell the women about God. He replied that she could do so
if she wanted, and he would take care of all of the travels (expenses, guards and
open doors). God had just opened the door, provided the protection, the provision and
the authority. What an amazing God!
– At one time there was a riot in the prison and the prisoners were killing each other.
The Mandarin asked Gladys if she would help. She did not understand how she could
help, she was a woman, she knew nothing about prisons and she was scared. But
she said she would, prayed and marched into the prison. Blood was everywhere and
dead bodies were laying all over. Men were killing each other, but God gave her a
boldness and she screamed “stop it”. The men all stopped and looked at her. She
demanded that they come form a line. Ultimately, God used her to stop the prison riot.
She later demanded that they get the prisoners jobs so they could have food and
better clothing. Once again she saw God do miraculous things.
– She adopted orphan children. She stopped counting at 150 they still kept coming in.
– The Mandarin asked her to tear down a building that everybody was afraid to touch.
They believed that a giant scorpion used to kill people and was trapped inside of that
building so everyone was afraid to touch the building. Gladys gathered the Christians
in the town to tear the building down. The Mandarin then asked Gladys to come to the
palace for a feast. She went and there were a lot of people gathered there. At the end
of the dinner, the Mandarin began to speak about all the things that Gladys had done
for him and for the city. He then looked at her and said that he wanted to become a
Christian. Once again, God performed another miracle in her life.
2 Gladys Aylward by Janet Benge


By Steven Furtick
Jesus said, greater things than these will you do – John 14:12
Don't live mundane mediocrity.
Don't live in culdesac Christianity
Greatness begins with belief.
My God says I am, that I can.
Lord open my eyes. He's there and will help
Spiritual eyes
Close your eyes and pray, then open your eyes and see.

How to Get Ahead in the World Today

Dale Carnegie
– Decide — no one can really make you do things, only you will decide.
– Relationships — your success in life many times will depend on how you can get
along with other people.
– Learn — you can learn from any man if you will only
– Habit — habit is nothing more than repetition. Here’s how to develop great habits and
get ahead:
1. Take inventory of yourself — ask others what good habits you should have
and what bad habits you should get rid of.
2. Start yourself off with all the enthusiasm that you have. Make your
achievements your top priority and go at it with enthusiasm.
3. Grasp every opportunity as one to achieve your goals.
4. Don’t make excuses for yourself — if you want to form a new habit, don’t
make excuses, just work at it.
5. Make definitive commitments — athletes make commitments whether difficult
or not. Tell others about it and make yourself follow through.
– Enthusiasm will make up for many other areas.
– Determination — hard work will get you somewhere, just determine and begin doing
it. Many don’t stick at something long enough to see it succeed. Make your mind up
and you will get ahead almost before you know it.
– Fear and courage — fear exist mainly in your mind. Courage has more to do with
mind than strength, number and other areas. Do what you are afraid to do and the
fear of it will be conquered.
– According to a Carnegie study, 15% of one’s success depends on superior knowledge
and 85% is due to superior personality.
1 How t Geta Ahead in te World Today by Dale Carnegie Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Poised — it’s surprising how many lack poise, but it is important to learn and obtain it.
Just learn to think about others and not yourself. When you are in the presence of
others, forget about yourself and what your interests and involve yourself totally in the
other person.
– Organize your work — learn to avoid distractions. Focus on one thing at a time. Have
a to-do list and work at accomplishing the list.
– Time — how you spend it will determine where you will be in 5 years from now. Some
have more talents, better position, more money or better looking, but all of us have
the same amount of time. We all have the same amount of time but do not all use it
wisely. Your time is the most valuable thing you success, make it work for you.
– Become a friendlier person:
1. Don’t criticize, complain or condemn
2. Give honest, sincere appreciation
3. Arouse interest in other people.
4. Become genuinely interested in other people.
5. Smile
6. Remember that a person’s name is the sweetest sound in any language
7. Be a good listener
8. Talk in terms of the other person’s interest
9. Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely
– Be a leader:
1. Begin with praise and honest appreciation
2. Call attention to people’s mistakes indirectly
3. Talk about your own mistakes before criticizing the other person
4. Ask questions instead of giving direct orders
5. Let the other person save face
6. Praise the slightest improvement and every improvement
2 How t Geta Ahead in te World Today by Dale Carnegie Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
7. Give the other person a fine reputation to work up to
8. Use encouragement
9. Make the other person happy about doing what you suggested
– How to handle worry
1. Get all the facts
2. Weigh all the facts before coming to a decision
3. Once a decision is reached, act on the decision
4. Write out and answer the following questions:
A. What is the problem?
B. What are the causes of the problem?
C. What are the solutions?
D. What is the best possible solution
5. Keep busy
6. Use the law of averages to outweigh the worry
7. Cooperate with the inevitable
8. Decide how much anxiety something is worth and do not give it any more
9. Don’t worry about the past
3 How t Geta Ahead in te World Today by Dale Carnegie

How to Talk to Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere

by Chris Widener
– Many studies show that the #1 fear people have is speaking in public and the #2 fear
is dying.
– Being interested is far more important than being interesting. Do not feel like you
have to go up and dazzle someone with all your charm, you just have to be interested
in that person.
– People are interested in those that are interested in them.
– You gain loyalty from others by considering their interest more than your own.
– The sweetest sound to anyone’s ear, is their own name – Dale Carnegie.
– You can get anything you want if you will help others get what they want – Zig Ziglar
– You should not be the star of the conversation, let the other person be the star of the
– If you want to gain trust, rapport and loyalty from other people, let them be the star of
the conversation.
– Learn to ask questions and find common ground or mutual interest.
– Remember their name and call them by their name.
– Memorize people’s names and remember them for the next time you meet.
– Ask as many questions as you need to in order to find something in common and
then go in that direction.
– Question – connection – direction. This is the way to talk to anyone, anytime,
1 How t Talk t Anybody, Anytme, Anywhere by Chris Widener

How to Talk to Anyone

by Leil Lowndes
People who appear to have it all together do not arrive to that point by themselves, they
had help from others. It takes many people to get somewhere. First impressions are
invaluable. When someone meets you, they take a snapshot that will remind them of
you every time your name comes up… so you have to stand out.
1. Smile – show a big smile that proves you are loving, genuine and sincere with
2. Look at them in the eyes – eye contact can make a big difference in the
conversation and making a deal.
3. Good posture – this symbolizes that you are a winner
4. The big baby pivot – turn towards them and give them your full attention as if it was
a little baby you are trying to make smile.
5. Use the old friend technique – reply hello old friend to someone you meet and they
will feel like they have been your friend for a long time. The secret to making people
like you is liking them. Make everything about you to reveal a “I care about you”
6. Limit the fidgeting or people will think you are being insincere or hiding something –
looking away, loosening your collar, speaking excessively, playing with something in
your hand, etc., could be interpreted as you are hiding something.
7. Learn to master small talk – your tongue is like a welcome mat that will happily
receive them or reject them, so use the adequate words.
8. Match the mood of the person you’re talking to – it’s like music, you need to follow
the rhythm. Before opening your mouth, look at the person you’re talking to in order
to know his mood.
9. Speak with passion – even if you’re talking about something mundane, make sure
you are passionate about it and others will want to listen. 80% of your openers have
nothing to do with what you’re saying but how you’re saying it.
10. Use a “what’s that” strategy – whether a tie, piece of jewelry, color of clothing or pin,
have something that people look at and ask you what it is. This many times can be
a great conversation starter.
11. Eavesdrop your way in – if you want to meet someone and do not necessarily know
how to start, listen to their conversations and then ask a question by saying, “excuse
1 How t Talk t Anyone by Leil Lowndes Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
me but I overheard you talking about…” and you will soon be in the middle of that
12. Never respond to someone with a one-word answer, elaborate a little bit to give
them something that they can converse about. It is as if you were throwing out
conversational bait that they can snag.
13. When introducing someone, give the other person a conversational piece that they
can grab a hold of and begin talking about.
14. Talk about the other person – it doesn’t matter if they don’t know everything about
you, but they will think you are a great conversationalist if you learn to talk about
them and ask them questions. Turn the spotlight to the other person and you’ll
captivate them much more and they will enjoy their time with you much more.
15. Learn to parrot – when someone is talking about something, repeat one of the words
or pieces of their conversation that will fuel the conversation. When you parrot a
phrase or word from the conversation, it puts the ball back on their side of the court
and gets them to continue talking.
16. Use the “encore” approach – just like every performer loves to hear “encore” when
they finish, so does the person you are conversing with. Ask them to tell the story
again about the time that they… They will love it.
17. Know the latest news – listen to the news or look it up right before you go
somewhere so that if you need something to talk about, you can mention what is
going on in the world.
18. Communication – start the conversation with talking about the other person, “you”.
Everyone loves to talk about themselves, so get them on that subject.
19. Never say thank by itself, say thank you followed up with a reason. What are you
thankful for? Let that be expressed. Always follow up the words thank you with a
20. Copy the other person – watch how they move, sit, hold their hands, etc. and do the
same. Imitate.
21. Echo – listen to the other person’s use of words (nouns, adjectives, and verbs) and
use those same words. It doesn’t matter if you know it as another name or that they
are saying it incorrectly, echo the way they say things. When they hear the same
words coming out of your mouth the way they come out of their mouth, it will send
them a subliminal message that says this person understands me, knows me, and
feels like I do.
22. Instant history – when you get to know someone that you want to know better, find
something that you can make history out of and talk about the next time. Something
like, “remember how last time we were laughing at…”
2 How t Talk t Anyone by Leil Lowndes Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
23. Grapevine – instead of just saying something nice to the person that you appreciate,
say something nice about the person to someone close to that person… It will get
back to them quickly.
24. Use specific compliments. Instead of just saying something nice, be specific about
what you like about them.
25. And when you’re complimented, say something like “you are very kind “or “I
appreciate that”, etc. Do not belittle the one complimenting or just say “thanks” or “it
is nothing”. And then afterwards, find a way to return the compliment.
26. Learn to translate your emotions into sounds if you are talking on the phone or in
any other way they cannot see you. Much of our speech is through body language,
but if they cannot see you then you have to make sure that they can understand
your body language when you’re not present. Say “uh-huh” or “I see” since they
could not see you nodding. Say “that is great” since they can’t see you smile. Learn
to turn your gestures into words.
27. Smile before you answer the phone.
28. Be sensitive about the timing – ask “is this a good time to talk” or “do you have a
moment” before jumping into your conversation.
29. When you leave a voicemail or message, make sure it always completes the three
C’s: confidence, clarity and credibility. Act as if it is your 10 second Broadway
presentation and will depend if they are going to get back with you or not.
Excellence is not something that is done one time but many little actions throughout life.
3 How t Talk t Anyone by Leil Lowndes

How to Win Friends and Influence People

By Dale Carnegui
I. Part I – Fundamental Techniques in Handling People
A. Don’t Criticize, Condemn or Complain
B. Be of Honest and Sincere Appreciation
C. Arouse in the Other Person an Eager Want
II. Part II – Six Ways to Make People Like You
A. Become Genuinely interested in other people
B. Smile
C. Remember that a person’s name is to that person is the sweetest and
most important sound in any language
D. Be a good listener, encourage others to talk about themselves
E. Talk in terms of the other persons interest
F. Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely
III. Part III – Win people to your way of Thinking
A. The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it
B. Show respect for the other person’s opinion, never say “you’re wrong”
C. If you are wrong, admit is quickly and emphatically
D. Begin in a friendly way
E. Get the other person saying “yes, yes” immediately
F. Let the other person do a great deal of the talking
G. Let the other person feel that the idea is his/hers
H. Try honestly to see things from the other person’s point of view
I. Be sympathetic with the other persons ideas and desires
J. Appeal to the nobler motives
K. Dramatize your ideas
L. Throw down a challenge
IV. Part IV – Be a Leader: how to change people without giving offense or
arousing resentment
A. If you must find fault, this is the way to begin????