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52 Things Wives Need from their Husbands

by Jay Payleitner
– Never suggest or think that marriage is a 50-50 proposition. We are a team, we share
and console, we help, give and receive. Marriage is 100-100.
– Wives need their husbands to kiss them.
– Thinking about what your bride likes will strengthen your marriage.
– Think about, study and know what your wife likes and then make it happen.
– A wise husband will make a list of the things that his wife likes and update it regularly.
Then every week try to get or do one of the things that she likes.
– Wives need their husbands to leave so that they can cleave. You cannot hold onto
your mother and family and still try to cleave to your wife.
– The family that you came from is not as important as the family that you have.
– While a guy can be ready for sex in matter of seconds, a woman can’t be derailed
from sex in a matter of seconds. So learn to put distractions out of the way: a lock on
the door, kids laid down or busy, music on, phone off, etc.
– Never go to bed bad, it’s better to stay up and fight.
– If you believe what the comedians and other say about marriage (that it is either a
prison or battleground) than you really deserve what you have.
– You might not always get what you want, but you get what you expect – Charles
– Challenge yourself to go several days without saying anything mean or negative to
your wife. Better yet, try to say something nice to your wife every day for a week.
– You as the husband need to read the verses before and after Ephesians 5:22.
– Your wife needs you to take the leadership role, but she need you to lead in love.
1 52 Tings Wives Need fom teir Husbands by Jay Payleitner Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– We are quick to say that we would take a bullet for our wife, but that will probably
never happen. She doesn’t need you to take a bullet, she needs you to sacrificially
love her – that means putting her needs before yours.
– Wives need their husbands to ask forgiveness in a tone that says they really mean it.
– Asking forgiveness and giving forgiveness is what Christians do, because we have a
great teacher: Jesus.
– Protect your marriage by not keeping secrets or having a relationship with other
women besides your wife.
– Incest on your wife’s input, you would likely be helped by it.
– Wives need their husbands to be the pastor of their home. Just be the best Christian
that you can be, and your wife and children will be encouraged to be the best
Christians as well. Do, then model, then teach.
– Agree on what you will spend money on – finances cause big problems in marriage.
Give the God, be generous, don’t go in debt, save,…
– Wives need their husbands to only have eyes for her.
– The world’s concept is that you can look but not touch, but Jesus said looking is
adultery as well. You must let your wife be the point of your fantasy, no one else. Your
bride is the most beautiful woman in the world, so start acting like it, believing it and
seeing it.
– Your wife is as beautiful as you see her. Beauty is more in the mind than it is the eyes.
– Don’t be afraid to be a family man, it brings some of the greatest joys. We are
pressured to believe that masculinity is taken away when we have a minivan and help
our kids, but that is so far from the truth.
– One of the reasons that we have our wives is to keep us accountable.
– You lose almost every time you go into a rage. Proverbs 14:17
– Have love in your marriage that is intentional, sacrificial and continual.
– Work on the areas that you are weak in – you need help from your wife and your
Creator. You can and should have a plan to work on areas.
– It takes real strength to be gentle.
– Learn to be smart and overlook things.
2 52 Tings Wives Need fom teir Husbands by Jay Payleitner Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Surrendering to your wife’s request is usually a very smart move to make.
– Your wife need you to be a father to the children. She automatically has a bond to the
children because of caring them and birthing them, but too many fathers are absent in
the children’s lives.
– Your wife needs you to stay away from flirting with anybody but her.
– Your children will have a much greater chance of getting married and staying married
if you will work through your problems and stay married instead of getting divorced.
– If something is on the honey-do list, be a honey and do it.
– Your wife needs you as the husband to put her second, making God first in marriage
as well as your own life. If you love and follow God, He will teach you how to be the
best husband, father and man – and that’s what your wife and your family needs.
– With God, your marriage is stronger. Ecclesiastes 4:12.
– Your wife need you to repudiate porn. It is not enough to just turn away from, you
must turn to the Lord. He’s the only one who can help you and give victory in this
seductive world. If your eye causes you to fall, gouge it out and don’t let it make you
fall. Matthew 18:9.
– Kiss your wife. Do it in public, in front of your kids and frequently. Hold her and look in
her before you kiss her telling her that you love her, but do make sure you kiss her.
Kiss her unselfishly, not only when you want sex.
– The thought of giving is more valuable than the gift. Think of your wife and get her
– Understand that there will come a time when you fade out in your love, but keep
loving. Every good sports player and coach knows the importance of going back to
the basics. So go back to doing the basics in marriage: doing things friends do, doing
things lovers do, going on walks, etc. Falling in love is fantastic, but staying in love is
even better.
– You can make your wife looks beautiful – to others, to you and to herself. Tell her and
see her through eyes that believes she is beautiful. If you see your wife as beautiful,
she is!
3 52 Tings Wives Need fom teir Husbands by Jay Payleitner

Adoniram Judson, Bound for Burma

by Janet and Geoff Benge
– Began reading at three years old.
– Very intelligent young man, top of this class.
– Arrived to college at age 16. Finished college in three years instead of four – upon
taking his entrance test, he was able to skip his freshman year because he was so
– He had to drop out of school for a while to work and get money, but went back and
made up the classes and still finished as valedictorian.
– Became a deist because of a rich friend. It saddened his parents but he thought he
was so intelligent that he could explain everything.
– One day he went to his uncles house and met a young preacher and he said that the
preacher did not have all the intellectual answers, but had something that he, Judson,
did not have.
– He got his horse and started traveling west and when he came to a hotel, he stayed
in a room with a young man that was dying on the other side of a hung-sheet that
divided the room. He could not sleep that night because of the groans and began to
wonder what was going to happen to that young man. He thought about death,
eternity, ghosts, and dreamed about skeletons dancing on the grave. He thought how
his diest friend would mock him for just having those thoughts. He woke up the next
morning and found out that the young man next to his room died. Come to find out it
was that same deist friend that had let him astray. It shook him to his core.
– He got on track for the Lord and went to another college. God began to get a hold of
his heart.
– He checked out a small booklet from the library that talked about the need around the
world and he believed God was calling him to missions.
1 Adoniram Judson, Bound for Burma by Janet and Geoff Benge Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– The director of that seminary offered to him the position of assistant pastor at the
largest church in all of New England. He rejected it because he said God wanted him
to be a missionary.
– He along with four other men banded together to take the Gospel to those around the
world. They did not have funds so him and another friend traveled to London to ask
the London missionary Society if they would support the five Americans to go as
– He met Ann, later to become his wife, at a church and began corresponding with her.
She wanted Judson to talk to her dad, who was a deacon, and soon Judson wrote a
letter to her parents telling them if she marries him, they may never see her again.
They agreed and soon Judson married Ann.
– On their way to India, Judson was studying and became convinced that baptism was
by immersion and not sprinkling. So he was baptized and became a Baptist.
– Multiple times the East India Company tried to not let Judson stay as a missionary,
but he was persistent and got on the boat heading to Burma.
– Their first baby was born dead.
– At different times they found favor in the eyes of the government officials and we’re
– When Britain fought against Burma, he was arrested and taken to jail as a spy. He
was beaten, mistreated and for over a year every night they chained him up and his
feet were lifted off the ground, only leaving his head and shoulders on the ground at
– His wife buried his translation of the Bible that he had been working on for years b/c
she knew it would decay so she put it into a lumpy pillow and took it to Adoniram in
– He stayed in jail for a long time until the war ended. The government needed to
translate the British agreement to end the war and the only people that could translate
was Judson and his friends that were in jail.
– After they were taken out of jail, Judson was nervous about his Bible translation,
believing that he had lost it. Come to find out, the guards found his pillow and threw it
out because it was so nasty. Judson’s first convert just happened to be passing by
that prison and saw the old pillow thrown in the street. Knowing the pillow belonged to
2 Adoniram Judson, Bound for Burma by Janet and Geoff Benge Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
Judson, he took it to him and the translation work was saved. God’s amazing
– His wife died and sometime after he married a missionary wife whose husband died a
few years earlier. They had a couple of children together and then were to travel back
to the United States for a time. She died, leaving Judson a widower once again.
– Judson became ill and was told to take a trip at sea to get better. As he was on the
ship, he had nothing to read so a man on the ship gave him a book to read. Judson
began to read it and said he very much liked the style of the author. Judson said he
would like to meet her and the owner of the book laughed, saying that could be
arranged since the author just happened to be staying at his house. Judson met her
and after corresponding for a time, they married. She was 30 years old and Judson
was 54 or 57 years old. They married and went back to Burma together.
3 Adoniram Judson, Bound for Burma by Janet and Geoff Benge

Anatomy of The Church

by Ron Maggard
– Head – Christ is the head of the church.
– Feet – we are the feet to carry the gospel.
– Hand – His hand must be upon us to get anything done.
– Ears – we need to hear from God, have our ears open and be listening.
– Eyes – we must see like our Savior sees. See the great need and have compassion.
Double vision. They are sheep without a pastor.
– Heart – we must have a heart like God’s heart. Be tender.
– Knees – prayer is a very vital part of the church and is very much lacking today.
– “The man who mobilizes the Christian church to pray will make the greatest
contribution to world evangelization in history.” — Andrew Murray
– “The need is great everywhere but it is still greatest in the regions beyond. May we
not forget any of them. May God set our hearts on fire to get the Gospel to the next
towns until we have reached the uttermost part of the earth.” — Ron Maggard
1 Anatmy of Te Church by Ron Maggard

As a Man Thinketh

By James Allen
– Man is made or unmade by himself
– We must armor our mind with what God has given us.
– Man holds the key to the problems that happens to him and can use those keys to
open up or leave shut to the problems.
– Seek and you can find, knock if it shall be opened.
– Man will receive the harvest of the seeds that he has sown. Your mind is the garden
and what you place in your mind will be harvested, good or bad.
– Good thoughts bring good fruit and bad thoughts bring bad fruit.
– Men do not attract what they want rather what they are.
– Nothing but corn can come from corn and nothing but thorns can come from thorns,
so nothing good can come from a bad thought.
– The world is your Kaleidoscope and the beautiful colors that you see are made from
the images your thoughts produce.
– Change of diet will not help a man when there’s no change of thoughts.
– If you want to perfect your body, perfect your mind. If you want to perfect your mind,
perfect your thoughts.
– A sour face does not come by chance, it is made by sour thoughts.
– To live constantly with thoughts of envy, ill will or negativity, is to place yourself in a
dark prison.
– As a physically weak person can make themselves strong by training and exercise,
so a mentally weak person can make themselves strong by learning to think the right
– He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure.
– A man can only rise, conquer and achieve by lifting up his thoughts. He can only
remain miserable and weak by not lifting up his thoughts.
1 As a Man Tinket by James Alen Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– A man ascends or descends according to his thought life.
– Dreams are the seedlings of your thoughts.
– You always gravitate to that what you most love.
– You always fall or rise to your thoughts.

Better Dads Stronger Sons

by Rick Johnson
– Before we can become godly fathers, we must become godly men.
– Start living your life by serving others and making a difference in the lives of others.
– To raise noble men, we must be noble fathers.
– You might not think that your life is that influential, that you do not do much to make a
difference, but your son does think you are special.
– Godly father’s put the needs of others before their own.
– Even if you don’t think that you are perfect for the job, God specifically chose you for
your family.
– Live a life of intentional fathering instead of just reacting to whatever comes along the
– Being a good father is not so much how good of a parent you are but how good of a
person you are – be a person of character.
– Maturity in a man begins not at a age but in the acceptance of being that man.
– Pray for your children at night as they go to bed – pray for their future spouse, purity
and walk with God.
– Fathers damaged by their fathers, will pass along the same baton. You must reconcile
with your father for the sake of your son.
– Fathers are a necessity to their sons, they fill a gap that only a father can fill.
– Everyone needs a cheering section your affirmation to your son will do more than a
stadium full of people cheering him on.
– Time is the greatest commodity that you can give to your son.
– Show your son physical affection, don’t be afraid to hug him and give him a kiss. May
sound crazy or not manly, but showing your son affection will pay great dividends later
on. Love your son.
1 Beter Dads Stonger Sons by Rick Johnson Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Your kids are not so impressed with all of your accomplishments, what impresses
them is the time that you spend with them.
– Your kids want to love and respect you, not because of how much you make or what
you do but because of who you are – God made it like that and it is one of his
precious gifts to us.
– Your son needs your time much more than your money.
– Sadly many of the regrets of a father are not things that he did, but things that he did
not do – spend time with your children.
– You have the power to hurt or help peoples lives, treat them with respect.
– Rules should be reasonable and arbitrary.
– We should treat our sons like God treats us, giving them a reason to love and obey
instead of demanding and provoking.
– Isolation is death to any person – your son needs you and your son needs to see that
you have friends so that he can have friends as well as know how to be a friend.
– Your son needs to know how to handle problems and deal with difficult times – be that
right example for him.
– A boy’s tendency is to become what you want him to become, so instill the right
character traits in them. Teach and remind them to be loving, God-fearing, helpful,
and person of integrity.
– Teach your son self-discipline, self-control, integrity, courage and respect. There are
many character traits that have been lost throughout generations and no one better
than a dad can teach his son.
– All children need rules and guidelines set in their life, especially boys. But our goal as
fathers is to not just teach discipline, but self-discipline.
– Everyone needs to be accountable to someone. We need each other, that is how God
made us.
– How well you prepare your son for life is how well he will be able to face life when he
is out of the house. Teach him about debt, good work ethic and responsibilities.
– Perhaps one of the best things that you can give your son is teach him how to love
his wife are you loving yours.
2 Beter Dads Stonger Sons by Rick Johnson Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Your son will consciously or subconsciously view his marriage and treat his spouse as
he learned from you.
– Your wife is your greatest asset to your children; she can build you up, respect and
speak good about you to the children in ways that you could not.
– God gave you your wife and she is the mother of your children, so make sure that
divorce is nowhere in your vocabulary. God hates divorce and divorce greatly hurts
– Children need to know that mom and dad love each other, it gives them a sense of
security about your love towards them as well as stability in life.
– Talk to your son about sex. Remember that you looked and thought about sex at a
young age and so will he — and in today’s world it may be worse than when you were
growing up. He needs accountability just like you do.
– Do not leave sex education up to the school system. Yes it is difficult, but you have to
decide to talk to your son. He has questions, be the one to answer them instead of
letting his friends, the school and society inform him.
– Our sons are the future and fathers of tomorrow. They need good role models.
– Your son needs mentoring. Not just teaching on rules or big subjects but small,
practical things of life as well.
– Not only does your son need you, he needs a good role models from teachers,
spiritual leaders, and relatives that will be the right example. Not only is it our
responsibility to find good role models for our sons, we also must be role models for
other boys.
– 70% of men in prison are from fatherless homes – this is a shame on those dads. We
must mentor more than just our sons, there are other young men out there that need
our help.
– Encourage your son to be a reader. Our society makes reading look like it is not
manly but reading can help your son learn more and make better decisions. Let him
see you reading, leave books laying around the house and provide him with good
– Continue being teachable even as a dad.
3 Beter Dads Stonger Sons by Rick Johnson Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– The most powerful tool that you can use with your son is to pray for him every day.
Pray that God gives you wisdom and pray that your son knows Jesus at an early age.
Pray with your wife for your son, she has a big role in his life as well.
4 Beter Dads Stonger Sons by Rick Johnson Book