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November – December 2011 Prayer Letter

We rejoice in the Lord’s goodness and blessings. My family and I have been in the United States for 2 months now and have been busy visiting churches. We have a DVD presentation of the ministry in Argentina and would gladly send you one if your church desires – please just write us and let us know.

In December, I am traveling to Argentina for the Bible College’s second graduation. I am excited to have a part of the graduation and praise the Lord for the 4 students that will graduate this year.

Two of our daughters celebrated their birthdays in November. Johanna turned 7 and Lydia turned 10. It’s hard to believe that we left for the mission field when Lydia was only two months old and she now is 10! They are growing up fast!

My wife is doing well in her pregnancy with our son. Her due date is in February. We are thankful for another precious child and pray the Lord’s blessing and care on my wife as she carries the baby.

I am very excited to let you know how the newest church in La Plata is doing. The Lord is using Pastor Hugo Martinez at the Hope Baptist Church on the west side of La Plata. Pastor Hugo is a diligent servant of the Lord and has been involved in many ministries in the Lighthouse Baptist Church before pastoring this new church. The church is meeting at someone’s house until they can finish paying off some land. The land is $42,000 and all 3 churches plus this new church gave a special offering to help begin the payments – they have already paid close to $10,000 off and still have $30,000 to go. If you would like to help with the purchase of the property, it would be a great investment that will have great Heavenly interest!

We want to tell you about two great opportunities:
1. There is an opening for a nine-month opportunity for a single lady teacher to visit Argentina and help home school our children alongside my wife. She would also learn much about the mission field and be able to help in ministries in the churches.
2. Also we want to invite you to make plans now to take a mission trip to Argentina when we are back from our furlough. Many young people, including myself, have been radically changed because of a mission’s trip they took at one point of their life.

Here to Serve,
Jeff and Mindy Bush and family

September 2011

As of August 31st, my family and I will be arriving and traveling to churches in the United States. As we shared in our last prayer letter, we have many goals while being on furlough:
1. Visiting and informing our churches of what the Lord has done in our lives and in the ministry of Argentina (we can be reached at 765-960-7793)

2. Get my health under control – my first doctor’s appointment is Sept 12th

3. Pray the Lord would allow us to encourage many more to give their lives to the cause of the evangelization of the world

4. Raise funds for the property of the newest church (Hope Baptist Church). Our goal is $37,000.

Our last few weeks here in Argentina have been very encouraging. Here are a few highlights of what the Lord has done in the month of August:
1. We have seen many saved and baptized, among those baptized was our daughter, Adriana. Many others are growing spiritually and becoming faithful.

2. The Lord allowed us to have part in organizing the Berean Baptist Church as an autonomous, local Baptist Church. Pastor Hernan is being greatly used of the Lord and we are thrilled to see what God is doing. The church men worked hard to get the new church building up, which is twice as big as where they were meeting. It was exciting to see that this church building was constructed by the men of the church and they also sacrifiiced not only their time but also money to purchase most of the materials for the building. During this special service we heard many wonderful testimonies and goals from the church and it’s pastor on their desires to go forward for the Lord. They had a great turnout and their new building was full with around 75 adults and 32 children. The service was a great encouragement to our hearts!

3. The Bible College is going well and we are thankful for those who studying and preparing their lives for the Lord’s service. In December, 4 students will graduate and I will return to have part in the graduation.

4. The jail ministry has started once again. After a period of time not visiting the jails, the Lord has placed it on the heart of one of the Bible college students to enter in the jails once again. Along with a group of Bible college students, one of the young men that works as a security guard in the jail, has received permission preach to prisoners in some of the jails in Buenos Aires.

We thank you for your prayers and look forward to possibly seeing you on our furlough.

Here to Serve,

Jeff and Mindy Bush and family

April – June 2011

As always, the Lord is faithful! The Lord has given us some great months and allowed us to see some great victories and blessings. We have seen souls saved and Christians growing in the Lord and we want to share a few of these details with you.

The Berean Baptist Church is being used greatly of the Lord as Pastor Hernan Cortez is leading the church through construction and growth. The church is very young and already has seen many saved, baptized and growing in the Lord. Both the spiritual and numerical growth is a great encouragement to my heart. The church men are working on the construction and it is encouraging to see them use their time and funds to build God’s house. 

May is Missions month at the Lighthouse Baptist Church. We were blessed to have a pastor, Bro. Juan Pacheco, come fromPeru to preach the conference for us. We had a high attendance of 250 people one night with many visitors and and several who made professions of faith.  The church is currently supporting 8 missionaries and is  praying to support more. The Missions Conference was a big blessing and the last night the church gave a new pulpit to Pastor Hernan and the new church.

Months ago, the Lord put it on our heart to start another church. Both the youth pastor and I have prayed and are making preparation for the new church. We have talked to 6 or 7 families from theLighthouseBaptistChurch that are going to form part of the new church and are now working out the details. We wanted to rent a place to start out, but the Lord has led us to a piece of land that we are looking at and praying about.  The price is $37,500, but the owner will allow us to pay it off over time.  Our goal is to put up a temporary building and start this new church in a part of the city that has many souls with have no Gospel preaching church. We appreciate your prayers in this area.

Missionary David Peach has been teaching our people about the sign language ministry and our desire is that the Lord would allow us to see many deaf come to the Lord. We thank the Lord for how our people are learning to minister to the deaf.

The Lord is blessing the evangelism efforts through the radio ministry, tracts and just recently English classesJosh Smith, missionary toArgentina who arrived in January, is teaching the English classes and we praise the Lord for those coming.

The Lord has given us a great group of Bible College students this year. We are praying that these students would serve the Lord with their lives, and that the Lord would use theBibleCollegeto train future leaders in his harvest!

Here to Serve,

Jeff and Mindy Bush and family

January – March 2011

Time continues to rush by while there is so much work to be done. I would like to take a few moments of your time to share with you some of the rich blessings God is doing and has done here in Argentina.

Since January and February are summer months in Argentina, the calendar was full of retreats and camps. Our youth was divided into 2 groups and attended camp with other missionaries a few hours away. Thank the Lord many came back with hearts stirred and decisions to serve the Lord. We then had a ladies retreat with Lighthouse and Berean (the newest church) and the Lord blessed with good fellowship and one salvation decision amongst the ladies. The men’s retreat also was a blessing with over 40 men who attended and were challenged to serve the Lord.

 The Berean Baptist Church is doing wonderful and just last Sunday held their first baptism with 9 baptized! Praise the Lord! The pastor will graduate from the Bible college this year and the Lord is using him in a great way to win souls and teach others. The pastor is now leading the young church into a building project on the land they have. It gives me great joy to see the church grow spiritually as well as numerically and have a desire to go forward for the Lord. Near the end of March we have plans to formally organize the Berean Baptist Church. Pastor Hernan and the people are serving the Lord and we are excited to reach this goal and see how the Lord is going to take this church to another level.

While preaching a youth camp in western Argentina, I met a doctor who told me that he could help me with my arthritis. My family and I made the time and traveled to have treatment on my hand for one week. Although I am not 100% to what I would like to be, I can say that for the 1st time in over 4 years that I am using my right hand – and that is a big blessing! I would be very grateful if you would continue to pray for my health.

We are about to start up Bible College again (2nd week of March) and are looking forward to seeing what God is going to do. It looks as if the Lord is going to allow us to see around 20 students this year, many of them being 1st year students. Our desire is to see the Lord use the Bible College to prepare young men and women for the ministry of the Lord. Please pray that God will raise up a generation of servants to go forth and preach His Word.

We ask you to help us pray as we  desire to start another church on the other side of our city. We will be starting Hope Baptist Church alongside a young man who has graduated from the Bible College and a first-year Bible College student. We are currently looking for a place to rent and working out details and the next time we write we will be able to inform you of how the Lord is blessing at this new church.

As always we thank you for your constant prayers and support! May God richly bless you!

Here to Serve,

Jeff and Mindy Bush and family

Prayer Letter November – December 2010

November – December 2010
Another year has quickly drawn to an end.  As we look back over the year, we have so many blessings to share. In 2010 we have seen many saved, baptized and growing in the Lord; we have seen a new church planted and a pastor taking the church forward for the glory of our Lord; we have seen the Bible college grow and 2 new graduates this year; we have seen many great things and are anticipating a great end of 2010 and great beginning of 2011.
In the month of November we had a conference with Pastor Ezequiel Salazar and all 3 of the churches were greatly blessed by the powerful preaching of the Word of God. The last service was dedicated to the new church plant and the people who would be leaving to help. The men placed hands and prayed for the new pastor (Hernan).  It was a time of mixed emotions as we are excited to send others out, but think about missing them at the same time. We are confident many souls will be saved and grow in the Lord at the new church – Berean Baptist Church. It is located on the south end of the city in an area that is growing rapidly and desperately needs the Gospel.  Please pray with us for this new church plant and for Bro.Hernan that God will do a mighty work in their area.
In the month of December, both Grace Baptist Church and Lighthouse Baptist Church will celebrate their 6th anniversary. We are looking forward to seeing the Lord’s hand in these special meetings. On the Saturday before, the church’s goal is to have as many people in the street inviting and talking to other people about the Lord. Last year our goal was to have 80 people to go out and invite and 300 in the service on Sunday. We had 70 people to go out and invite, but we hit over 400 on the Sunday service. We pray this year we can see many come and many more accept Christ as Savior. 
We want to thank you very much for your faithful prayers and support. Our desire is to be steadfast, unmoveable and always abounding in the work of the Lord. May God richly bless you as you serve the Lord.
Here to Serve,
Jeff and Mindy Bush and family