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Once again, we write with joy in our hearts to share with you a few of the blessings the Lord has given here in Argentina in the last few months. We have seen people baptized and added to the church membership and are thankful to see people growing in the Lord continually.

Bible College

The Argentina Bible College is doing well and we are excited about the young men that are preparing for the work of the Lord.  In the previous years, we had pastors or missionaries from outside or from the area come and teach the classes, but now praise the Lord our classes are being taught by the first graduates of the Bible College.

New Church!

We are very excited about the new church that will be starting within a few weeks. A year ago, one of the Bible College students started a Bible study on the southern end of the city. God has blessed his efforts and a good group of people are attending faithfully each week.  A piece of land went up for sale in the area and we signed on it just this past week.  Our church people are praying one month and then we take a “sacrificial love offering” for the purchase of the land, which needs to be paid off by October 3rd. Our biggest joy is to see our church invest in a new church, not only 100% from their pockets, but from their hearts as well.

New Daughter!

Our family is doing well thank the Lord and our newest daughter, Alexandra is now 4 months old and growing. Time passes so quickly and we pray that all four of our girls will know the Lord and serve Him with their lives.

Radio Ministry

The radio ministry is going well and we are on the radio every day from 8 to 9 am as well as 6 to 7 pm.  Recently the Lord opened up the opportunity to be on an AM station as well. We will be using the recorded messages from the other radio station and be able to get the Word of God out to a larger area!

Souls being Saved!

Last month the Lord gave us a high day of 197 and we are thankful to the Lord that we are constantly seeing people saved and growing in the Lord. One of our greatest goals and desires is not only to see many saved, but to see many grow in the Lord and prepare for the work of the Lord.

Here to Serve,

Jeff and Mindy Bush and family

April Prayer Letter

April 2010

 Once again, we have the privilege to write and share about the faithfulness and blessings of God.  We have been greatly blessed by the Lord both in family and in ministry.  Allow us to share a few of the blessings the Lord has given lately.

 The first week of March we started back up with Bible Institute classes – 6 young men and 1 young lady that are preparing for the Lord’s service.  We are thankful for those who graduated last December and are excited to see what the Lord is going to do with those who are studying currently.

 On the 22nd of March, we started up Free English Classes on Monday nights. We have not taught English classes for years, but we are excited as we started back up to use as an Evangelistic tool.  Our goal and desire is to bring in people and use English as a basis to win souls for our Lord.  The Lord blessed the first class and we had 130 people.

Mid-March we received the Peach family, missionaries to the deaf.  Their desire is to work in various areas of Argentina and help us to start a deaf ministry. Our church people are anticipating learning sign language and reaching our deaf community for the Lord.  Please pray with us as we hope to start a deaf ministry soon.

 A few weeks ago, we were able to see the Lord’s hand in a very unique way.  It was a stormy Sunday and we were nervous that many people were not going to make it.  The Lord brought people in spite of my lack of faith and the weather and 160 people were present to hear the Lord’s Word.  For days I had my message prepared and my desire was to preach on evangelism since we were in the middle of our evangelism month, but the Lord seemed to change my message.  I was prepared to preach the new message, was sure there were many who needed this message, the people were showing up for the service, … but now the rain was so hard on the metal roof that you couldn’t even hear.  When the offering time approached, the man who spoke and prayed could not even be heard even though he had a microphone because the rain was so hard … and I was supposed to preach right after the offering.  I sighed a prayer asking the Lord to calm the storm so they could hear. It was the Lord who lead me to this new message, it was the Lord who brought the people in the rain … but how was I going to yell louder than the rain and expect the people to hear and follow the message?  The offering finished and I stood up to preach. Although it may sound wild in some people’s mind, the rain lightened up and came to a stop as I began the message.  Amazingly, the God who gave me the message and brought the people in spite of the storm, calmed the storm and began to move. I preached the message believing God was going to work, and His Spirit moved and worked in hearts. I look back with an amazing feeling, knowing that the same God of the Bible that parted the Red Sea, stopped the mouth of lions and stopped the rain for Elijah, is still in the miracle working business! 

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

 Here to Serve,

 Jeff and Mindy Bush and family

Prayer Letter January- February 2010

January – March 2010

 The beginning of 2010 has brought many blessings.  Since January and February are summer months, we have been busy with camps and church activities. About every week was busy with the men’s retreat, women’s retreat, youth camp and kid’s camp. Praise the Lord that some salvation decisions as well as decisions for the Lord’s service was made throughout these activities.

Our theme this year in the Lighthouse Baptist Church is that all may KNOW and GROW in Christ. Through weekly visitation, daily radio broadcast, web page, church ministries and more, it is our desire that many, many people in Argentina can come to know our Saviour. To complete the task of the Great Commission, we desire that all those that know Christ can grow in Christ. The Bible Institute, discipleship course, ministries and many activities are to help Christians grow and go reach more people for our Lord.  God has given us a great start and we are excited to see what the Lord has planned for 2010.

As you may remember, we began a new work on the south side of the city.  We ask that you pray for this new work and for Hernan, the Bible Institute student that the Lord is using to be in charge of this work.  His desire is that soon this will turn into a church and he will be able to be the pastor. He is beginning his 2nd year of studies and the Lord is using him and his family to bring many to the Saviour.

 March is always a busy month since schools start and the city goes back to normal.  Not only will the Bible Institute start back up, but on the 22nd of March we will begin a ministry we have not done in years, teaching English classes.  When we arrived to the country 6 years ago, we held English classes and still have faithful people from this ministry. We desire to begin again to use it as an Evangelistic tool and see many people saved for our Lord!

 Along with blessings sometimes come battles. During the month of January our church was robbed and the sound system was taken. Two weeks later, I was in the office with the assistant pastor and another man and the police came rushing onto the church property with guns held out and grabbed a young man that had sneaked onto the church property.  Thank the Lord a neighbor had called the police and they came to get him. Praise the Lord that our God watches over His children!

 Our family is doing well and Mindy is doing great with the pregnancy. Our 4th daughter will be born in April and we ask you to help us pray in this last part of her pregnancy. 

 Thank you kindly for your prayers and support and we would love to invite you, your pastor or youth group to come and visit us.  Not only will you see where your prayers and mission support goes, but we believe that you will be encouraged in the Lord and return to your church with desire to see many people saved.

 Here to Serve,

 Jeff and Mindy Bush and family

December Prayer Letter

The last month of 2009, has shown some of the greatest fruits of our 5 years here in Argentina.  We are very grateful for how many blessings we have seen and we want to share a few of them with you.

On Friday, December 11th, we held the first graduation of the Macedonia Baptist Institute, a full-time bible institute to prepare servants for God’s work.  There were 5 men who graduated and we are praising the Lord for the wonderful ceremony and testimonies given by the men who graduated. The men are already working in the Lord’s work, which is a great encouragement to us on the mission field.  Each one of these men are already working in the ministry as either pastor, assistant pastor, youth director, and evangelism director. We praise the Lord for their lives as well as those that will continue studying next year.

The next biggest event was our evangelism Saturday before our 5th Anniversary. There were over 50 people to go passing out invitations for our big day and it was an exciting moment for us to see church people doing God’s work – getting out of the church and into the streets.

Both Grace Baptist Church as well as Lighthouse Baptist Church celebrated their 5th Anniversary in the month of December and it was a blessing to see how God worked.  Pastor Matias Aguilera (a now graduate of the Institute) of the Grace Baptist Church did a great job of organizing and bringing people.

The Lighthouse Baptist Church had passed out around 11,000 invitations, prayed before every service for over a month, and placed a goal of seeing 300 people for the special service. The anniversary service was called “Community Day” and the goal was to open the church doors to the community.  God blessed greater than we could have imagined and over 420 people showed up for the service!!! The city representative was present and we honored him and a policeman with a certificate for their service in our community. Our church building had recently been enlarged and every possible area was filled. The Gospel was sang, testified and preached and God was given the glory.

Our family is doing well and we are excited about our new addition that will be born in April. We are expecting our 4th child and praising the Lord that Mindy and the baby are doing fine.

Of course we always want to close thanking you for your prayers and give each pastor, individual, church and youth group an open door to visit us here in Argentina.  Not only do we think you will be encouraged and excited about missions, but we believe that you will thank the Lord for every dollar you have given towards missions.  To God be the glory!!

Here to Serve,

Jeff and Mindy Bush and family

October Prayer Letter

October 2009

The Lord has been very good to us as He always is.  These past couple months have been very busy in the ministry, but very fruitful.  We would like to mention just a few highlights since the last time we wrote.

The Seminary is going well.  Pray for the young men studying in the seminary.   At the end of the year we will be graduating 5 of these students who have now completed 3 years of studies.  One of them is already pastoring a church (the a Baptist Church in Quilmes) and the other is my assistant Pastor.  Another one is the Outreach Ministry Director and another is the Youth Leader.  All of the students are serving to some capacity and it is exciting to see them being used of the Lord.

In August we also started a new work in the southern end of the city.   To reach a greater amount of people we decided to start a new work in this area on Wednesday nights for now.  A young man who is studying in the seminary and feels called to preach is in charge and preaches every week and I go once a month to preach.  Pray for Hernan and his wife, Rosa, as they work in this area.  They are a great couple and have a heart to win others to the Lord.

We recently had “Children’s Day” here in Argentina so we had a fun day for the children in the neighborhood.  We had over 200 people come and were able to give a Gospel presentation.  Several children and adults received the Lord as their Saviour this day.  Praise the Lord!

The first week of September we had our first Couples Retreat.  We had 17 couples go and one lady’s unsaved husband who we had been praying for accepted the Lord as His Saviour on the way back from the Retreat.  The Lord used the time to strengthen the marriages and draw our church closer together.   The following Sunday we had a Vow Renewal service where all the couples who desired to participate could renew their wedding vows.

The end of September we had a Youth Conference and the Lord allowed over 160 young people to attend with 8 teenagers who made a profession of faith.  Praise the Lord for the men and women who are working with the teens in the church.

We have some exciting family news as well.  My wife is now expecting our fourth child, to be due in April.  Please pray that everything will go well and for her health in this pregancy.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support!  We could not be here without your help and prayers.  We encourage you to read our blog ( that we update often about the ministry and family.

To Reach the World in our Generation,
Jeff and Mindy Bush

Lydia, Adriana and Johanna