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VBM’s History

Vision Baptist Missions was born out of the heart of a missionary to serve
missionaries who had a desire to reach the world with the gospel in our

In 2005 missionary Austin Gardner (who served as a missionary to Peru,
South America for close to 20 Years) returned to the U.S.A. to start a
church on the Northside of Atlanta, Georgia. His desire was to start a
church that could mobilize, train, and send missionaries all over the world.

The church was organized in 2006. Missionary candidates quickly joined
the church to start their training under the newly formed Vision Baptist
Church and Our Generation Training Center. These missionary candidates
are taught the Bible and ministry. They learn from experienced
missionaries and are able to be mentored through life-on-life discipleship.

In mid 2008 when the first missionary candidate was finishing his final
preparations at the church, they started to consider sending agencies and
how he would be sent. The church and staff all decided that it would serve
these upcoming missionaries the best to start their own mission out of the
church. It was a step of unity to keep these new missionaries together who
had the same beliefs, philosophy and passion to reach the world.
Therefore, in January 2009, the first missionary (to China) was accepted
by and became the first representative of Vision Baptist Missions. This
marked the start of Vision Baptist Missions.

Since then, several other missionaries have finished their training and
joined the forces of Vision Baptist Missions. VBM now has representatives
in China, Japan, Thailand, Spain, Bosnia, Indonesia, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, South Africa, Burkina Faso, North Africa, Colombia and growing every year as the Lord blesses.

The goal of VBM is to extend the gospel through the local church with
fervency and urgency to the ends of the world.

VBM’s Opportunities

Click here to go to VBM’s website to find out more information about the Board, our Missionaries, Material, and Mission Trips.

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