The Rhinoceros Success

by Scott Alexander
– Get out of bed in the morning like a rhinoceros, not a sloth.
– Wake up with a purpose of what to do that day. Don’t be like a lazy cow going back to
the same old pasture, be like a rhinoceros and go out and charge.
– Charge, put all of your weight and all of your strength into it and charge forward.
– Your skin is so thick as a rhinoceros, you’re not worried when torpedoes are flying
your way to discourage or criticize you. You are big and can take the punches, you
almost enjoy the challenge because you are a rhinoceros.
– A rhinoceros charges with one single focus/purpose. You can be so successful
because you charge only one thing at a time, not two. You charge your one goal and
then accomplish and go for the next, you are a rhinoceros.
– What is it that turns a boring, lazy old cow into a rhinoceros? Why does the
rhinoceros charge and what keeps them charging? What are the cows after…
apparently not much. They have ears, eyes and feet just like you, but why don’t they
care – a rhinoceros may look like a cow yet is so different. The great difference is
belief. Cows just don’t care or believe they can, so they just don’t charge, they stay
put. Cows have the same opportunities, they see the same thing, and they are
capable of the same, but they just don’t care or they are lazy.
– It is your belief that electrifies yourselves, ignites you and causes you to charge.
Enthusiasm gets you out of the bed in the morning. You are a rhinoceros.
– Rhinoceroses have a zeal for life, they charge forward and are not easily distracted.
Their belief is what pushes them to charge, to have a different attitude and outlook.
– Believe and succeed. You have to believe yourself, no one else can put this on you or
force you to.
– Your attitude is the most important ingredient in being a rhinoceros. If you don’t really
want to be a rhinoceros, you won’t be. You must be like an atom bomb that is waiting
to be dropped, like Niagara Falls that continues flowing… Your attitude creates your
zeal, desire, and pushes you forward. It is better to attempt something and fail then
attempt nothing and succeed.
1 Te Rhinoceros Success by Scot Alexander Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Do not ignore the negative, but do not saturate your mind with it either. Sure, you
have thick skin, but there’s no reason to point a canon at yourself just to prove it.
– We become the product of three things: the books we read, the people we associate
with and the media that we listen to. Associate yourself with Eagles and not turkeys,
with horses and not donkeys. You become what you feed your mind with. Gather
good books and articles and feed your mind with those.
– Plan it. Plan for nothing and you get it every time. Plan on something and work hard
and you will get it. Plan your dreams and then work your plan. Be a rhinoceros and
charge. The plan itself will not work, but a rhinoceros will charge and work that plan.
Plan your attack and then attack your plan. What are you going to be doing in 5
years, how about in 1 year, how about this week?
– The more energy you put into something, the more you will get out of it – this works
with anything.
– Take care of yourself. Don’t put cheap gas into your Rolls-Royce. Don’t try to run on
seven cylinders when you have eight. Eat right and take care of your body. Learn
what is good for your body and get in the habit of regular exercise.
– Have discipline. Discipline is something that we do not like to do, but we do it. The kid
who could do anything he wanted, and his parents let him do anything he wanted, is
now a cow and does very little. You are a rhinoceros, discipline yourself. We can do
anything we want, no one tells us what to do but a rhinoceros disciplines himself. We
get out of bed, work and charge because we are motivated by the belief we have in
us. Rhinoceroses have self-discipline, they charge and have audacity. You are your
boss. You are the president of you-Inc. so run your company wisely. You are a
rhinoceros, so don’t slip back into the pasture with the cud-chewing cows.
– Rhinoceroses are happy when they’re charging at their goals; cows are happy when
they are sitting on their couch surfing the Internet or watching TV. But we need cows
– we need them for milk, meat, leather for a good wallet, etc. Cows make a good view
while driving on a Sunday afternoon. We need cows, so some people have to be
cows. But you choose if you’re going to be a cow or a rhino. You don’t have to be a
cow if you don’t want to and you can be a rhinoceros if you want to.
– Happiness is so simple yet so many try to complicate it. If you want to be a happy
rhino, then choose to be happy right now. You don’t have to be miserable, you choose
that. Decide now that you’ll be a happy, cheerful, exuberant, friendly, charging
2 Te Rhinoceros Success by Scot Alexander Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– It comes down to how you believe. If you believe it will work out, you will be happy
and accomplish it. Believe in your goals, and yourself and your future, you can get it
done. Charge!
– You are audacious, this is what separates you from the cows and sheep. You have
guts, you have nerve, you have backbone.
– Rhinoceroses have no excuses. No excuse for complacency, for not being happy and
friendly, or for not enjoying life. Being too big, too young or old, different color, bad
breath or anything else is no excuse. Take control of your thoughts and don’t make
– Never give up. Tenacity is in every cell of your body, you are a rhinoceros. Nothing
can cause you to not succeed, not landmines, or any other hurdles thrown your way.
Your persistence keeps you charging no matter what comes your way.
– Rhinoceros success is from becoming a rhinoceros all of the time. You do not achieve
rhinoceros success just by being a rhinoceros sometimes.
– If you go rhino, it will help you in 6 areas of your life: financial, work, family, physical,
social, and spiritual.
1. Financial. Work on making money, but not loving money. Make money your
hobby, not your savior. Give to God. You have to give to get. Luke 6:38; Proverbs
2. Work. Work at something that you enjoy and that you are interested in. If you
dread each day because of your work, get out fast. Give more of yourself and
you will get more back. Be happy at work. One rhinoceros can shake everything
up, be that one.
3. Family. Your family can either make or break you. You don’t want to work so
much that you forget your family, you have to take care of your family as well.
Learn to balance things. Don’t jump ship at the first rough seas. Marriage is like a
garden, you have to nurture it, keep the bugs and animals out. Involve your
family and your plans. Buy your spouse a gift once a week.
4. Physical. A healthy body is required to live a rhinoceros life. If you’re not in
shape or you’re sick all the time, you’re not going to feel like charging, so figure
out what you need to do and fix that situation.
5. Social. Associate with the right people, with the ones that build you up not tear
you down. You’ll be like the people that you hang around. Proverbs 13:20.
3 Te Rhinoceros Success by Scot Alexander Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
6. Spiritual. Believe in God. You have nothing to lose by believing, but everything
to gain. Matthew 17:20. Have a rhinoceros faith in God.
– Rhinoceroses are always prepared for problems. Rhino problems are bigger
problems than others have. Whatever problem comes your way, give the needed
focus to fix the problem. The problem is your enemy, so don’t let it just linger around,
fix it. Just lower your head, point your horn and charge full steam ahead.
– Worry is a fatal disease that is found in every animal except for the rhino. Rhinos
have nothing to worry about, because they are bigger than everyone else except for
the elephant, which is a friend anyway, so all of the problems are smaller than the
rhino. You have 2 inch thick skin.
– Don’t try to be cool, not everyone will understand you and you won’t be able to please
them. Don’t be pessimistic, change your mindset.
– The secret of success is believing and charging. Think rhinoceros and act like a
4 Te Rhinoceros Success by Scot Alexander

The Richest Man in Babylon

by Denis Waitley
– All of us have time, but we must decide to learn during that time.
– If you take advice about your savings from the one who does not know, you will be
– Set aside or save at least a tenth out of every paycheck.
– Learn to live on less than you earn.
– We call someone with wealth lucky, but would we call a good fisherman lucky just
because he’s taking the time to learn how to fish better?
– Wealth grows wherever we exert energy.
– Make a budget for yourself.
– Make your money to multiply. One’s gold is not what is in his purse but the continual
income that keeps flowing into the purse. Make your money work and bring you more
– Protect your treasures from loss. Consult the lies about where you invest your money
instead of confiding in just anyone.
– Own your own home.
– Save for your future.
– The more knowledge we obtain, the more income we will have.
– LUCK is actually:
Laboring. Under. Correct. Knowledge.
1 Te Richest Man in Babylon by Denis Waitley

Time Management

by Brian Tracy
– How you manage your time will determine your success or failure in business and
other areas of life.
– Time is something that when it is used can never be recovered.
– Time is something that we all have, but depending on how we use it will allow us to
get more accomplished or not.
– Not using time well will causes great stress. But when we use time well, we will feel
better about life, get more sleep, be less stressed and get more done.
– The four D’s of successful time management.
1. Desire – desire to change your lifestyle and habits and to begin managing
your time well
2. Decisiveness – you must decide that you will use good time management if
you want to accomplish more in and with your life.
3. Determination – you must persist in the face of all temptations that will
distract and rob you from getting things done.
4. Discipline – you must discipline yourself in life to manage your time well.
Discipline yourself to do what you know you should do whether you feel like it
or not.
– Learn to form good habits and let those habits form you.
– The loss of control. This law says that you feel good about yourself or not depending
on if you are in control of your time and life.
– You have to know your priority if you’re going to manage your time well.
– Review your plans daily and consistently.
– Making a checklist and knowing what needs to be done will give you superior
1 Time Management by Brian Tracy Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Every 1 minute you use to plan out a list of what needs to be done is a minimum of 10
minutes saved in execution.
– A goal without a deadline is not really a goal, it’s merely a discussion.
– All successful people do a daily to-do checklist.
– The best time to make a list is at night so that your subconscious can think about it
through the night and in the morning you are ready to get to work.
– The most important things on the list should be those that brings the biggest
– “No” is the greatest time-saving word. Just say no. Say it early and often.
– You can only get things done by not doing things that don’t matter as much.
– Use the 80-20% rule. Choose the 20% of your tasks that will give you 80% success
and that day.
– There are urgent activities that are unimportant and urgent activities that are
important. Most people spend the majority of time in the urgent activities that are
unimportant. The key to good time management is to spend time in what is both
urgent and important.
– Clarity is essential
– Delegate tasks to others.
– Concentrate on one thing at a time. If you cannot concentrate on what you’re doing,
you will not be able to do it well or be successful.
– Procrastination is the thief of life. Your ability to overcome procrastination will
determine your success.
– Use business meetings to plan. Start on time and have an agenda.
– A stand-up business meeting is sometimes the best meeting so that you can discuss
what you need and then everyone can get back to work.
– Be wise in your reading. Tear out articles that you want to read but do not have time
to read. Choose your books carefully. Read the title and first paragraph of an article
instead of the whole article, most of the pertinent information is there.
– Remember that leaders are readers. You cannot stay current with information or grow
if you do not selectively and frequently read.
2 Time Management by Brian Tracy Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Invest in personal development. One of the best things that you can do for both you
and your company is to continue growing and becoming better in your area of
– You can go no further tomorrow on the knowledge and information you have today –
you must learn and grow more.
– You have to learn more to earn more.
– Attend seminars and learn from people who have been successful in your area of
– Keep a clean desk, it will help you get more done in a less amount of time.
– Organization increases productivity.
– The quality of your life will be determined by three areas:
1. The quality of your inner life – how you feel and look at yourself.
2. Your health – no amount of success will compensate for your health. Eat
right, exercise, and get the right amount of rest and relaxation.
3. Relationships – never be so busy that you do not have time for the key
relationships in your life such as your marriage and children.
3 Time Management by Brian Tracy

The Shark and the Goldfish

by Jon Gordon
– Goldfish wait to be fed while sharks go out and find their food.
– Gold fish swim around in it’s little bowl waiting for food and listening to the music that
is being played. Not much they can control outside of their own attitude (if fish could
do such a thing).
– Adversity is not the end, it is just the beginning if you think it is. The best days could
be ahead of you or behind you depending on what you think they are.
– There are many who want to focus on the impossible instead of the possible, on the
negative instead of the positive.
– Your belief must be greater than all the negativity and doubt.
– Positive belief turns into positive action. Positive fish find more food.
– Learn to listen to all the negative voices but make positive choices.
– Both fear and faith believe in something that has not happened. Fear worries about
what has not happened but faith believes and hopes in what has not happened.
– Expect success and you’ll find it.
– The only one who can limit yourself is you.
– There’s no substitute for hard work. You have to be positive, but it takes more than
that – you have to work hard.
– Be more focused than others. Focus on what you want and throw out the distractions.
Focus is not something that you’re born with, it is something that you can learn and
grow better in.
– Don’t settle. If you work at becoming better each day, you will become one of the
greatest in that area. Don’t settle for being average or just going on what you know.
– Learn from others and model their success.
– You won’t find food if you’re not looking for it.
– If you believe it is too late in life to find what you want, then it is.
– Be humble and be hungry.
1 Te Shark and te Goldfish by Jon Gordon

This is Where You Belong

by Melody Warnick
– The average American moves 11.7 times in his/her life.
– People think that they will have it better and then soon feel that they are missing out
by not being geographically elsewhere.
– We think the move will fix everything, that there is some magical reset button when
we move to another place.
– It takes at least 6 months and often 3-4 years to adapt to a new place.
– Americans have become one of the most mobile people. Each year, 12% of
Americans move. Americans are just as restless in their jobs as they are with moving,
the majority changing jobs every few years.
– We talk about searching for happiness as if it was a geographical place.
– When it comes to where we live, it is more about what we think than about the
geographical place. You can be happy at a place that others do not like.
– Studies have shown that whether you feel happy or not in a place will many times
depend on the length of time you are in that place.
– Loving the place where you live is something that you can make happen.
– If you want to love your town, you have to act like you love it.
– You have to choose to love where you are at, it is a conscious effort.
– You can do things to enjoy where you live: walk, get friends, find and like certain
restaurants, activities, etc. By liking a place, you will begin to feel like you belong in a
– We have to learn where things are at to orient ourselves if we are going to feel like we
– Every city has beautiful places, you just have to figure out where they are.
1 Tis Is Where You Belong by by Melody Warnick Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Go to a festival, buy tickets to a play, visit the parks and go to a game of a team that
is in your city. When you start getting out, the city will become your home and you will
begin to feel attached.
– Being satisfied where you live could actually be creating a repository of good
memories that you have done in that place. Each memory will be penned to your
mental bulletin board.
– Find what events and activities are going on in your town — search them online.
– Find the beautiful places that interest you and visit them often. People are happier
living in places that they like, so find places what you like where you live.
– The more your hobbies lie in the place that you live, the more you will begin to love
where you live.
– Do random acts of kindness in your city on a planned day: like take donuts to law
enforcement offices, pick up trash, take quarters to Coke machines, go help
someone, volunteer to help at fair or event, hand out water bottles, give restaurant
card to new couple at your church, etc. The more you will give to your town, the more
you will get out of it.
– At the end of the day, your personality is going to be as strong as your happiness
wherever you live.
– Unpack your life wherever you are
– Wherever you’re at, find joy.
– The place we live is what we think it is.
– Emotions follow behavior, feelings follow action.
– If you are happy and healthy, than you are happy and healthy where you live.
– Relationships with people is what really makes you feel at home.
– Every place is good at something, do what they are good at.
– Happy memories create place attachment.
– There’s not a right place for everyone, just the right place for you right now.
– Experience joy for as long as you are there.
2 Tis Is Where You Belong by by Melody Warnick

There’s No Such Thing as Business Ethics

by John Maxwell
– There’s no such thing as business ethics and something different for spiritual ethics,
personal and home ethics. It is just plain ethics.
– Many people believe that you could not be ethical and still get ahead in life. It may
take longer, but being ethical is always better.
– Men must be honest with themselves before they could be honest with others.
– The golden rule should be your north star when it comes to business and life –
treating others as you want to be treated.
– Seek common ground with others.
– The golden rule is ideal because you do not have to know any law or specific rules to
practice it, you just treat others how you want to be treated.
– The golden rule starts with yourself, think what you want. You’re some general things
that everybody wants:
1. To be valued. Employees just like employers want to be valued. If you have
ever been humiliated in front of other people, you know how it hurts.
Encourage others, value others.
2. To be appreciated.
3. To be trusted. Trust is the foundation of all good relationships: marriage,
friendships, business, partnership, etc. The only way to make a person
trustworthy is to trust them yourself.
4. To be respected. To have the respect from those that you respect is worth
more than the applause of a multitude.
5. To be understood. Many problems come from a lack of understanding. Get
to know someone and you will likely find out that their way is not a wrong way
it’s just a different way. Seek first to understand others before you seek to be
– Are you willing to see things from another persons point of view or do you expect
them to see it from your point of view?
1 Tere’s No Such Ting as Business Etics by John Maxwel Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Character counts.
– Ethical people tend to make good choices no matter what the circumstances are.
– Ask someone to hold you accountable for your actions.
– When you get squeezed, whatever is in you will come out.
– If we are going to make good decisions even under pressure, we have to have
reminders. Remind yourself that you are accountable to God, to yourself, to your
family and to those around you.
– The disciplined person is the person who does what needs to be done when it needs
to be done.
– Pride, wanting to be better than, will blur your vision of the golden rule.
– Power and position can blur your vision from the golden rule.
– Pleasure, pressure and priorities are other areas that can blur your vision from the
golden rule.
– Take responsibility for your actions.
– Develop personal discipline. What we do in future situations will greatly depend on
who we are and who we are will greatly depend on the small disciplines in life that we
– Admit wrongdoing quickly and ask forgiveness.
– If you want to know who men are, watch how they use money. Money does not
change man, it merely unmasks who they are.
– Treat people better than they treat you. It is easy to love people that love you, but
learn to love those that do not love you.
– Take the highroad in your treatment to others even when others take the low road in
their treatment to you.
– Keep a promise whether it is convenient or not.
– Do right even when it is natural to do wrong.
– You can go for the gold or you can go for the golden rule. Sadly, people that go for the
gold do not care about anything in their path and many end up losing almost
everything at the end. Don’t go for the gold without going for the golden rule.
2 Tere’s No Such Ting as Business Etics by John Maxwel

The Treasure Principle

by Randy Alcorn
– 15% of what the Lord spoke about has something to do with our money – that is more
than he spoke about heaven and hell combined.
– God spoke so much about money and possessions because they have so much to do
with our heart.
– Storing up treasures on earth is not only unwise, it is stupid. You cannot keep it here,
so why would you try to store it all up here?
– It’s not that Jesus does not want us to store up, He does want us to store up, but He
has our best interest in mind so He tells us where to store up.
– What person, place and possessions are you living for?
– The treasure principle put simple is that although we cannot take anything with us, we
can send it ahead.
– Treasure Principle Keys:
1. God owns everything
• God owns it, but He placed me as a manager.
• We should think like stewards, finding the best way to invest and use our money.
• Don’t wait until you feel like giving because the feeling may never come. Just
give and the joy will follow.
• Giving is not a luxury of the rich, it is a privilege of the poor.
• The more you gaze upon Christ, the more you will become a giver.
• Christ’s grace defines, motivates and strengthens our giving.
• We give because He first gave to us.
• If you want to empower your prayer life, start giving.
• Giving will break us free from the orbit of all our possessions. When we give, we
let go and show that our possessions are not the most important thing to us.
2. My heart always goes where I put my money.
• If you put shares in something, you will begin to have interest in it and pay
attention to it every day.
• As surely as the compass points north, so does your heart follow the treasure.
1 Te Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
• If you want to love stronger missions, your church or anything else, start
supporting that area and you will begin to feel stronger about it.
• Moses left Egypt’s treasures because he was looking for another reward –
Hebrews 11:26
• There are many roadblocks to giving – our hearts desire, society, etc. but the
greatest deterrence to giving is probably that of realizing that the earth is not our
3. Heaven, not earth is our home
• Where we choose to store treasure largely depends on where we believe our
home is.
4. I should live for eternity, not just the present.
5. Giving is the only antidote to materialism.
• Giving takes our eye off of ourselves and reminds us that it is not about us.
• As long as I have something in my possession I feel like I own it, but giving it
away relinquishes that feeling.
• We can use our lives and possessions to make a difference.
• Giving can get better with practice – we can give more frequently and more
• If you’re giving while you’re living than you can be knowing where it’s going.
• Give your money away as fast as possible before it makes its way to your heart.
• When God gives us more, it’s not so that we can increase our living, but increase
our giving.
• What would you wish that you gave away five minutes after death – than give it
away right now.
6. God prospers me not to raise my standard of living but to raise my standard of giving.
• When it comes to our possessions and God, are we acting like managers of a
store that we do not own or are we acting like we own the store?
• Man’s life does not consist of what he possesses – Luke 12:15.
• When I meet Jesus, will I wish I had given more or less?
2 Te Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn