Training Camp

by Jon Gordon
– Their are some things that successful people do that unsuccessful people do not do.
It is almost like there’s a pattern or process we can follow that successful businesses,
families, teams and individuals do.
– Life is too short to be average.
– Work hard, work to be great.
– Do good on something is one thing, but be great is a lifestyle.
– The big picture-vision. The best know what they truly want, it is clear in their mind. For
every person this clarity comes at a different time in life, but at some point they can
see clearly what they want to achieve and begin working towards it.
– Don’t do anything halfway, find what you want to do or what you do well and then do it
with all your heart.
– Too many people don’t want to be great because they’re not willing to grow, change or
work at becoming better.
– Be a life long learner.
– Fear success, not failure. When many people attain success, they think they have
arrived and never strive to grow anymore.
– The best recommit themselves every year to improving and becoming better.
– Past success does not assure you will have future success.
– Everyone needs a coach that will help and push them to become greater.
– There’s no such thing as an overnight success.
– It is not how you perform on game day, it is how you prepare for game day.
– 5% of your life is performance on game day, but 95% of your life is preparing for
game day.
– How you prepare is how you will perform.
1 Training Camp by Jon Gordon Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Success is not about the big things, it’s all about the little things you do.
– The best do ordinary things but better – they just keep practicing the little things over
and over until they become better.
– Vision without execution is hallucination – Edison.
– You have to have the telescope view to see the big picture of what you want to
accomplish, but you have to have the microscope to zoom in and execute.
– The best of the best do ordinary things with extraordinary focus and execution.
– The recipe for success is not that hard, it is the art of focusing and executing the
– No secret recipe rather zoomed focusing and commitment.
– Stop saying yes to all the trivial things and begin focusing and practicing the most
important things.
– To be the best, you have to train your mind just as much, if not more, as you train
your body.
– The best are mentally stronger.
– Stay positive and focused. You’ll have to stay mentally strong because you will
receive negative input from both outside of you and inside of you.
– You have to be willing to pay the price if you’re going to learn, grow, and become
– The best overcome their fears.
– If you want to be the best, you have to be willing to dig deep and expose your fears.
– Sometimes you have to feel so isolated that you are willing to look within and look up.
You might need to be in so much darkness before you realize you need the light.
– We do not live our lives based on what our life is rather on what our perception of life
– Playing it safe and not risking ourselves is nothing more than a recipe for disaster, not
– The best people make those around them better.
2 Training Camp by Jon Gordon

Tramp for the Lord & The Hiding Place

By Corrie Ten Boom
(“Tramp for the Lord” is sequel to “The Hiding Place” — 1st set of notes from Tramp and 2nd set from
Hiding Place)
– She is literally proof of what God can do with the person that is filled with the Holy
– She started Bible groups in the prison camp so that others would know.
– She prayed that God would take away the bitterness that she had for her enemies
and gave testimony that God did that for her (although this one not a one-time prayer
but a battle she would overcome at times).
– One day when she thought she was going to die, she prayed that God would give her
one more chance to witness before she was executed.
– She was released from the prison camp because of an administrative blunder. Come
to find out, every woman her age was killed the next week. God saved her.
– Singing was one of the ways that her and other ladies kept her courage.
– When she was going into a prison camp in Germany, she was scared she would get
caught with her Bible that was hanging around her neck. She prayed that God would
protect her. When she went through the lines, the guards checked the people in front
of her and behind her, never touching her.
– When the war was over, she believed God wanted her to be a missionary to America.
She prayed the paperwork would work out and God began to move the mountains.
– She had become bitter at a man that tricked them to take all their money and sent her
family to the concentration camp. She hated the man but then gave her bitterness to
God and forgave the man. Later, when the man was on death row, she corresponded
with him and he got saved.
– She said that working in the flesh instead of the power of the Spirit can be tedious
and tiring.
– You never touch so much the ocean of God’s love as when you forgive another.
– God always has more for us than we can think of asking
1 Tramp for te Lord & Te Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– It is not our job to give God the tasks but to report for duty.
– It is not enough just to tell someone you forgive them, you must live it out. Remember
that God threw their sins in the depths of the sea just like He did yours.
– We can trust God for emotions as well as for thoughts.
The Hiding Place
– Her dad, mom and her and her sister were watchmakers. Both her and her sister
were single and lived at home.
– She was 53 years old when taken to prison.
– Her dad was very hospitable to people and when Germany started taking the Jews,
they began to help the Jews by hiding them in their house or help them stay
– They had a code, using watches as their system, to tell others when they had a Jew
who was in need.
– Both her dad and sister ended up dying in prison.
– At one point in prison, her sister told her that they need to give thanks for everything.
She didn’t like this idea at first and specifically, when her sister said she was thankful
for the fleas, she thought her sister was going to far. Later they began to use a room
for preaching because the guards did not want to step foot in that “flea-infested
room”… she remembered how her sister was right about being thankful for the fleas.
2 Tramp for te Lord & Te Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

A Life of Example

2 Thessalonians 3:9

Not because we have not power, but to make ourselves an ensample unto you to follow us.


Paul reminds the Christians that he never threw his weight of authority around, he led by example. He had authority and influence, but he lead by example. So now he is asking them to follow his example. 

And the best way to lead is always by example. We are told in 1 Peter 5:1-4 to lead by example, not with an iron fist or demanding anything. Sadly we have to demand and throw our weight around because we do not live a life of example. If we live how we are supposed to live than our lives will speak much louder than a mere demand.




What only God can Do

2 Thessalonians 3:1

Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you:


Paul asks the good people of Thessalonica that they would pray for him. That they would pray that God would give him favor with others as God did with them in Thessalonica, that he would have open access to preaching the Gospel and open hearts to receiving the Gospel. It is God who has the power to open and close doors. It is God who could move the heart of a king. It is God who can calm the storms. It is God who can give favor in the eyes of others. It is God who can give all wisdom, power and strength. So Paul pleads that they ask God to do the work that Paul cannot do. 

And so we must realize the same, that it is God that can do what we cannot do. If we are going to a advance, God is the one who is going to have to bless. No efforts from a man can equal what God can do. We need God’s hep. 



Don’t be Easily Moved

2 Thessalonians 2:2

That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.


Paul is revisiting the topic of the Lord’s coming but this time he confronts it a little differently. Apparently there have been either doubts or people teaching other things, but Paul exhorts them to not be moved, easily shaken or troubled. They should not worry about what other people say, they know the truth about the Lord coming back. 

And in every area of life, we as well should not be easily shaken in mind or troubled by what we here, we know the truth and that is enough. May we move forward with what we know and stop fretting about what we do not know.


A Live and Thriving Christian

2 Thessalonians 1:3

We are bound to thank God always for you, brethren, as it is meet, because that your faith groweth exceedingly, and the charity of every one of you all toward each other aboundeth;


Throughout these two letters, I do not believe we see any reprimanding or correcting from Paul. This is an exemplary church. Now Paul says that he thinks God for the faith and love that these people have. It appears that both their faith and their love continue growing. 

So many times I have had moments that I remember and can rejoice in of how I had big faith or great love, but sadly those are more the exception not the rule. 

It appears that these Christians consistently had faith and love. It grew and abounded. 

As a Christian, we should have faith and love towards God and towards others, but it should be growing, not staying the same. May I deepen the roots of my faith in and towards God as well as my love for others. That’s an exemplary Christian! 


Turn up the Heat

by Kevin Leman
– What does every godly man want from his wife? Sex. What does every godly woman
want from her husband? Intimacy.
– Sex was intended to bring a man and woman closer, but lust has destroyed that – sex
with intimacy is what sex is intended to be.
– Your wife must feel love, protected and wanted in order to have intimate sex.
– You must ask your wife what pleases her to understand and better please her.
– What you get out of marriage is what you put into it. If you say your sex life is not that
great… well, when was the last time you used spontaneity? – Bought her flowers, box
of chocolates, took her on a special date, cooked something, etc.?
– You never stop dating your wife.
– Five great tips to dating your wife:
1. Initiate it, plan it and carry it out.
2. Accept your spouses attempts to do something new or different. If you reject
her, she will likely not try again.
3. Be consistent, set a regular date night.
4. Splurge a little sometimes – isn’t your spouse worth a little something
5. Do not forget about important dates – birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s
Day, etc. Might not be important to you, but it very much likeliest to your wife.
– Marriage is all about giving your self to the other person and that means forgetting a
lot of “I”.
– Every individual has unwritten rules in their life that they carry into marriage (“I don’t
talk about sex”, “sex is dirty”, etc.). In order to have a good marriage, you need to get
these things out in the open. If you get both of your “rulebooks” out in the open, you
can talk about them and begin to have a better marriage.
– Here’s what a woman needs to enjoy sex:
1. Feel loved, prized and valued.
2. To be listened to and respected.
3. To have a romantic atmosphere.
1 Turn up te Heat by Kevin Leman Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
4. Privacy.
5. Be understood and cuddled.
– A man can have sex anytime and anywhere no matter if sweaty or whatever the
condition is. A woman feels like she needs her teeth brushed, cleaned up and
everything perfect.
– Nothing will kill an intimate relationship so fast as criticism.
– It might feel like a mystery to figure out how, where and what your spouse likes when
it comes to sex, but think of it as a challenge. If you want to figure out how to turn on
your wife, than figure out what are the turn-ons and turn-off’s for her.
– Great sex requires great training, so you must ask your wife what feels good and
what does not.
– Good sex requires that you are a good lover outside of the bedroom just as much as
you are inside the bedroom – how you treat your wife will affect your sex life.
– Men on average have an estimate of 33 thoughts about sex each day.
– A healthy sex life is equivalent to what you get for running 26 miles.
– A man thinks about sex 33 times more than his wife does, he thinks about it all day
long. The question is not if he thinks about sex rather what he thinks about sex.
– Five things a man can do for a woman:
1. Use words, sentences and complete thoughts to share your feelings with her.
2. Drawl bathwater for her, read to her and make her some tea.
3. Write a poem for her it and slip it in her car, write a special message/letter for
4. Light a scented candle for her.
5. Tell her how good she looks when she steps out of the shower.
– Real love thinks about the other person first and think about the other person most.
– How often should you have sex? How much or how little (along with any other
questions) should be openly talked about and negotiated with your spouse.
– You may get aggravated you cannot figure out why your wife does not want to have
sex after being home all day. She has stayed with the children, cleaned and taken
care of the house. Instead of getting aggravated, figure out how you can help her and
2 Turn up te Heat by Kevin Leman Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
what you can do for her and you will become her hero and she will be much more
likely to give herself sexually to you.
– Although you can fool other adults, your kids sense when anything is wrong between
you and your wife.
– A good sex life is one of the greatest things you should have for your marriage.
– You can improve your sex life by improving your communication.
– Many men have a difficulty in flipping the switch from work to the time when they get
home. Maybe consider stopping at a park on the way home to sit and think, listening
to some music that calms you down or doing something that can help you be the
husband you need to be when you arrive home from work.
– When you fight, you have to fight fairly. If there is only a winner and a loser, very likely
your marriage will end badly. Think and acknowledge how the other person feels.
After a fight, learn to make up.
– If you suffer in your sex life, chances are that there are unsettled issues in your
marriage. At the heart of the marriage relationship is the communication of what is
best for the both of you.
– Things to ask your wife what will help improve your relationship:
1. If you had a magic wand and could change anything about our relationship,
what would you change?
2. What are three things that you would like me to consider changing in the
3. Are there some things in life that you have never told anyone? Would you be
willing to tell me one of them?
4. What are the three most important things in life?
5. What would your life be like if I was not in it? What things would you have
done or not done?
– Rules for fighting fair:
1. Hold hands.
2. Look The other person in the eye.
3. Don’t use the words such as “always” and “never”.
4. Don’t use the word “you”, use “I”.
5. Don’t go back to other problems that have been dealt with earlier.
3 Turn up te Heat by Kevin Leman Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
– Many men suffer with understanding foreplay, but it is super important and needed for
the wife. To the wife, foreplay is taking out the garbage, helping with the children, etc.
The important thing is doing these things without having to be asked.
– The state of sex in your marriage is the state of your marriage.
– Rules for romance for a guy:
1. Set the table and have it ready.
2. Supper ready for what you get home.
3. Send the kids to someone else’s house.
4. Turn off the TV.
5. Turn some soft romantic music on.
6. Take her somewhere special.
7. Give her a card with the special note in it.
8. Take a shower together.
9. Rub her feet.
10. Give her a head massage.
– In life, you get what you pay for – and marriage is the same way. If you put time,
money and energy into it, you’ll get much more out of it.
– Women are very self-conscious, so in order to let your wife know that you accept her:
tell her how gorgeous she is, tell her how you specifically like her, take her shopping
for a special outfit, etc. Gradually, your wife will become more comfortable with her
body and with you.
– Criticism will kill your sex life and your marriage. Criticism erodes the foundation of a
marriage – it’s all about fear and control.
– Begin writing down a list of things that you like about your spouse.
– A healthy sexual relationship fulfills both the husband and wife’s desires, it is what the
way the Creator meant it to be.
– If you have small children or do not have family around, find another couple or two
and form a co-op in which you could watch their children and you could watch your
children another evening. This will give you opportunity to take your wife on a date.
– Your brain is the best sex organ that you have.
– 8 ways to make love with your wife outside of the bedroom:
1. Set up a shopping day for her and provide the cash or credit card
2. Clean up the basement and garage.
3. Pick up your own mess, hers and the children’s mess.
4 Turn up te Heat by Kevin Leman Book Summary by Jeffrey Bush
4. Wash the dishes.
5. Don’t pee on the toilet seat; put the toilet seat back down after you use the
6. Always ask her for her opinion.
7. Take the kids to the doctor or dentist appointment… or anywhere.
8. Hire a limo to pick her up for her birthday dinner.
– A supportive spouse makes all the difference for past abuse in the spouse’s life.
– In a couple’s sex life, there’s only room for two; no comparisons are allowed.
– Pornography is destructive to a marriage. Looking at pornography will make when
you have sex that erotic pictures come to mind instead of your wife.
– Pornography will not allow you to enjoy sex with your wife. Pornography “de-people-
izes” and destroys.
– If you have had struggles with porn, go to drastic measures to put protection on your
devices or unhook your Internet. Let your wife know about it and beat that struggle.
– If both of you are not feeling prized and good after having sex, it is not healthy sex.
– It is easy to get the marriage kicked off well, but it is not easy to continue having a
good and strong marriage… but you can if you will work at it.
5 Turn up te Heat by Kevin Leman