Ministry Change

I am writing everyone to tell them of the recent decision my wife and I have made. For a few months now, we have felt like the Lord was making some changes in our hearts although we were not positive what they were. The Lord has allowed us to be missionaries with Macedonia for 12 years (8 years in Argentina, about 2 in Peru and 1.5 on deputation) and for much time we thought we would live our lives in Argentina. We love the people and are thankful for the many blessings the Lord has allowed us to see there, but we believe the Lord is now pulling our hearts from Argentina. Our move now will be to transition from Argentina and return to the US where we will serve as the director of Vision Baptist Missions and begin traveling from there. Although we will be taking some steps to transition smoothly from Argentina and other areas, we plan on making the move and begin working in the next month or two. We ask that you pray for us in this step, the biggest step we have taken in our lives. We are excited and count it a great honor to begin this new phase of ministry.

Since this decision was just made last week, we have a lot of responsibilities to take care of to make this transition correctly and with integrity. Of course we spoke with our pastor before going forward and from there talked to Macedonia World Baptist Missions whom we have worked with and appreciate greatly. I spoke personally with the president of Macedonia and the directors as well as went before the board of Macedonia. I have tried to call the majority of our pastors that support us although I still need to get ahold of some. A letter was sent yesterday or today to our supporting churches letting them know of our decision and asking them to pray about supporting us through and into this new phase of ministry. I have called Argentina and the pastors there know of our decision. We are grateful for the 4 churches the Lord has allowed us to have part of seeing started in Argentina and praise the Lord for the maturity and godliness of the pastors as they take steps forward advancing for God.

I leave you with my cell phone number to call for any questions or anything that I can do to help with. We covet your prayers right now and we greatly appreciate the many friends and churches that have been so good to us through the years. I am also attaching the letter that was sent to our supporting pastors. Again, this decision has only been within the last week, so I beg for your understanding if you have not received a letter or word from us. We believe this step will allow us to do more for the cause of Christ and the spreading of His Word and ask you to pray as we go forward for Him.

Here to Serve,
Jeff and Mindy Bush and family


Ministry Change letter

Great Pastoral Advice


Just recently I had breakfast with a man who has been pastor of two churches, an evangelist and has started a Bible College. He is a well-respected and godly man. Over breakfast, I had the privilege to ask him many questions and at one point he began to share with me about responsibilities a man of God needs to hold high… so here they are:


  1. Committed to the Word of God – dig out and study the Word


  1. Available to people – he is a servant and minister and must have a ministers heart


  1. Preach hard but not angry, rather loving, encouraging and exhorting


  1. Evangelism – win others personally, emphasize it in the church


  1. Building families – strong churches are built on strong families


  1. You can not have people stronger than your own family is – keep your home in order


  1. Gentle with leadership – don’t try and “rule”, just lead gently


  1. Concern for what people need. Listen to people. People want to know they are appreciated


  1. Allow for failure – I fail, so let them fail.


Here to Serve,

Jeff Bush

Newest Prayer Letter – April/May 2012

April – May 2012

 We praise the Lord that our son, Hudson Wayne Bush was born in Richmond, Indiana, on February 13, 2012.  We thank you for your prayers and both my wife and baby are doing great. He weighed 7.9 lbs and was 20 inches long.  You can see our web page for updated pictures of our family.  


While we are still on furlough, we are encouraged to hear how the Lord is blessing in the ministry in Argentina.  The summer months of January and February are filled with camps and retreats.  All four of the churches had a combined men’s and ladies’ retreats as well as a youth camp.  We had a good group of young people who went to Youth Camp and many of them were recognized for memorizing Bible verses and best attitudes.  we praise The Lord for working in their hearts!


During the month of March, a new semester started in the Bible College.  The pastors there are organizing and teaching the classes.  They have reported to me that there are 33 students training for the ministry this year.  We are excited for this group of students and ask that you pray with us that God would send more servants for the work of God. 



The Hope Baptist Church (the newest church) has now been granted possession of the church property.  Although they still are making payments they are already building on a temporary church building.  Pastor Hugo and the sweet people of the Hope Baptist Church could use your prayers as they build and desire to pay off the property.    



We want to extend a personal invitation for you individually or as a group to visit us on the mission field in 2013.  We believe that when people visit the mission field, they will see the need and return back to their churches with enthusiasm to reach the lost in their area.  There are many opportunities in Argentina in which you can be involved in and we hope you consider visiting us in 2013.  



Here to Serve,


Jeff and Mindy Bush and family


Book Review – Making Vision Stick

I recently read through the book “Making Vision Stick” by Andy Stanley. In his book he mentioned Five things you can do to significantly increase the adhesiveness of your vision – thought they were pretty good and here goes a short review of them.

1. State the vision Simply
“If it’s a mist in the pulpit, it’s a fog in the pew.” Howard Hendricks

2. Cast the vision Convincingly
Communicate it in a way that moves people to action

3. Repeat the vision Regularly
Casting a convincing vision once is not enough to make it stick. Twice isn’t either. Vision needs to be repeated regularly.

4. Celebrate the vision Systematically
To make vision stick, a leader needs to pause long enough to celebrate the wins along the way.
What’s celebrated is repeated.

5. Embrace the vision Personally
If you say you believe in something, live it out. And live it in a way that the people around you can see it.
Sharp people will not embrace a vision that is merely a marketing scheme for someone’s personal agenda.

Marriage Advice after 63 ½ Yrs of Marriage

Recently I was able to have breakfast with a man who was married for over 63 ½ years and just recently lost his wife. It was a great privilege and very challenging hearing this man speak of his wife and how much he loved her – I hope these 10 principles can be a blessing to you as they were to me.

1. Love her
Maybe a general statement, but as Ephesians 5 says, love her as your own body – don’t neglect, forget or ever hurt her.
Love is patient, forgiving and gives multiple chances.
Love is never failing
As Christ loved the church, the husband is to love his wife – and we shouldn’t forget that we love Him because He first loved us – so we should love our spouse first.
I once heard someone say: greatest thing you can do for your children is to love their mother, your wife.

2. Love kids she gave you
Child bearing is a very painful and difficult thing – and when a father chooses not to love or spend time with the children your wife gave birth to, you are not only saying that you don’t love the children, but also that you don’t care about the pain she went through to give birth to them.
Spend time with the children, love them.

3. Don’t discuss problems and certain things in front of children
Children are a lot smarter than we give them credit for – so be careful what you talk about in front of them.
It is wise to stop the conversation, go to the bedroom or another room in moments of disagreements.

4. Kiss her every day
It cost nothing and shows affection.
You don’t get to kiss just anybody, so take advantage of the one you can kiss ☺

5. Kiss her before going to bed at night
You never know when the last night might be with your spouse, so end the day with a kiss.

6. Be kind to her
I’ve heard some say, “I love you but I don’t like you”.
Being kind proves you’re not just with your spouse because you have no other option and don’t want to divorce, being kind proves that you really are happy that you are married to your spouse.
I Corinthians 13 says that charity is kind.

7. Show her you love her
Actions speak louder than words. Words are cheap – so show your spouse you love her.
Sometimes we forget manners and get too “comfortable”, but a little romance of keeping the manners – opening doors, saying kind words, complementing, hugs, etc show and prove love.
God loved so much that he showed it – we would be wise in proving our love, showing it so there is no doubt it is true.
Time is a great way to show your love.

8. Try and get her anything she wants
We don’t have to wait until Christmas, we can buy or do things that our spouse wants now.
The majority of things that our spouses want are not things of great value – with a little creativity, time and effort, we could do or get things our spouse would like – which is a great gesture of love.

9. Tell her you love her all the time
No one expects to leave and not return to see their spouse again, but there will be a time in life that will be our last to see our spouse – make sure the words “I love you” are constantly on your lips.
It cost no money or energy to say these words, yet many times they are not said enough in a marriage.

10. Hold her or put your hand on her shoulder and talk to her
Acts, gestures, and physical touch are super important in marriage. Simply giving a hug or putting your hand are very comforting and supportive to your spouse.
Holding hands in public tells everyone, “we’re still in love”.
Hugs and just holding someone to listen to them has a great power of showing you support them, back them up and are there for them – everyone needs a cheerleader to say, “I’m on your side, you’re doing great”.

Here to Serve,
Jeff Bush

Very good Book

I just recently read a small book called “Intimacy with the Almighty” by Charles Swindoll. It was a very, very good book on our walk with the Lord. I wanted to share a couple of thoughts from the book that are without a doubt true… but not so easy to fulfill. Although there were many great ideas, the 4 disciplines it shared, really caught my attention – check out these 4 disciplines we need in our life to have an intimate walk with the Almighty:

1. Simplicity – in a fast-paced, crazy, high-tech world, sometimes we need to unplug and return to simplicity.

2. Silence – the Lord talks about “being still”. Seems there is no silence with all we are busy doing, but this was very challenging to me and I know I need – just to get alone and talk with God and let Him talk to me.

3. Solitude – being alone with my Savior so He can talk and deal with me.

4. Surrender – a quote I loved in the book was this: “Surrender is the key that unlocks the vault of God’s best and deepest treasures”

May we as Christians return to the One who saved us and walk intimately with Him every day.

Here to Serve,
Jeff Bush

Take a Missions Trip in 2013

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