Think and Grow Rich


By Napoleon Hill.

Success usually comes right close to the time of failure and sadly many people quit when it gets tough.

Success will come to them that are successful conscious of failure will come to them that are of failure conscious.

You have to know what you want, and then be willing to go after it.

You are the master of your fate and control your soul.

Our brains become magnetized to what we think about the most.

And those magnets attract thoughts, people and things that will make us to what we must think about.

No one has become rich without hoping, wishing, dreaming and planning on it before hand.

No one is ever defeated until they except defeat as an attitude.

Faith mixed with thought will make things happen.

No one is doomed to bad luck. Too many people believe themselves doomed to poverty or failure, but they are the creators of this misfortune. Their subconscious minds have played into reality. Your faith can override your subconscious mind by believing something.

Faith is a state of mind that can be induced by subconscious thinking.

Faith is the base of all miracles. Faith is the base of thinking rich. Faith is the only antidote for failure.

It is a fact that what happens to a person is what they repeat in their mind over and over.

Everyman is what he is because of the thoughts that he permits to occupy his mind.

Your greatest weakness may be the lack of self-confidence.

You must realize that your thoughts will eventually become actions that eventually become a reality.

If you would think for 30 minutes a day upon the person you would like to become than your thoughts will create a clear mental picture that will later become a reality.

You can cause others to believe in you because you believe in yourself.

The law of autosuggestion is that your subconscious mind will pick you up and take you further or drag you down and stop you as a result of what you think.

If you think you are busy than you are. If you think you cannot succeed than you will not. If you think you will lose than you probably will. Success begins with someone’s will to believe it.

If you think you are outclassed, than you are. You have to think high to rise.

The man who wins is the man who thinks he can.

What genius lies asleep in your brain?

Failure cannot overcome persistence.

Inconsistency and procrastination are brothers.

It’s one thing to want more but it is something else to be worth more – we should work at being worth more.

Learn to make decisions quickly and change them slowly.

Keep your mouth closed and your ears open.

Position or Obedience?!

Luke 11:27-28 — Position or Obedience?!

A lady comes to Jesus saying how blessed Mary must be because she breast-fed and raised Jesus (vs. 27). But Jesus responds by saying, “yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it” (vs. 28). He doesn’t even stop to say, “yea she was and is a good lady, etc.” rather says that obedience is much better than the position of his earthly mother. And we may think that a position is great (pastor, missionary, student, called, leader, etc.), but it is much better to be known as one who is obedient.


How much More…

Luke 11:11-13

The Lord just answered the questions the disciples had about teaching them to pray and he’s concluding it with this section. He gives the rhetorical question of if a father would give his child a stone when they ask for bread or a snake when he asks for a fish, or a scorpion when he asks for a egg… of course not! Then he says, “If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give”. If a human father can give something good to his child, how much can our Heavenly Father give to His children. We have a good, good Father.

Teach us to Pray

Luke 11:1-10

The disciples come to Christ asking Him to teach them to pray. He gives them a story of a man who asks his friend and his friend gives to him because he is a friend, because he asks and because he is insistent (vs. 8). He tells them some things about prayer in the story, but he also gives them steps to remember while praying… so let’s check those out briefly.

Reverence to God (vs. 2). Hallowed be thy name. We should reverence God, he is our Father which is in Heaven.

Kingdom come (vs. 2). Attitude of wanting the Lord to return, His kingdom as ruler of this world and our lives.

Thy will be done (vs. 2). As He prays in the garden, “not my will but thine be done”. So should it be in my life, that I want to do what He says, what pleases Him not pleases me.

Daily bread (vs. 3). He gave the children of Israel manna for every day, not for a month or a week but a day. And so we are not to worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6) just think about today. Many worries are about tomorrow or yesterday, but we are to live today. Thank the Lord for what He gives. Depend on Him every day.


Day by Day

Luke 11:3

After the Lord’s disciples asked Him how to pray, He began with showing them how. I think vs. 3 is super interesting and says: “Give us day by day our daily bread.” It really gets to me because it says “daily”, we don’t need a year’s supply but a “daily” supply. God gives us each day what we need. We eat and forget, both physically and spiritually, but thank the Lord that the next day He has more for us. Every morning His mercies are for us (Lamentations 3:21-22). The Israelites were provided mana day by day. God gives me what I need every day and because I am weak, forgetful, need and helpless, I need that “daily” portion that He can give me. Lord give me “today” what I need from You.


MANY things vs. ONE thing

Luke 10:41-42

“And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things: But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”

There are so many things that fight for our attention as Christians, many of which are not bad. Ministry, helping, family, outings, activities, and teaching are just a few “things” we do. Martha was a good person doing good things for a good cause, but her priorities were off. So many times in life I am like Martha. I am busy, very busy, and so many things I have to and want to accomplish, but I sometimes don’t make time for the ONE important “thing”, which is to spend time with my Savior. Mary let all the world around her run crazy busy while she just sat down and spent time with her Savior. At a first glance this may look like shear laziness, but this is not laziness rather prioritizing the “things” in life. May the Lord help me to always prioritize like Mary.


Many Things… One Thing

Luke 10:38-42

Jesus had come to Mary and Martha’s house, sisters of Lazarus. Mary sat at Jesus’ feet paying close attention to what He was saying and needed but Martha was running around cleaning up, serving and working. Finally Martha had enough and she complained to Jesus that Mary was not helping and Martha was doing everything by herself (vs. 40). Jesus responded back to her saying, “Martha, Martha” you are so worried about so many things but one thing is needful (important) and Mary has chosen that. The house would be messed up again, food will always need to be prepared, people will always be visiting, chores will always need to be done… don’t worry over these “many things” (vs. 41). There’s only “one thing” (vs. 42) that is important and cannot be taken away from you and that is what Mary was doing, getting close to the Savior. Yes all the other things need done, but make sure to pick what is most important, make sure you put your priorities right… to learn, love and know more your Savior. So quit worrying about the “many things” and starting focusing on the “one thing”.